How To Back Up Water Damaged Phone: 4 Do’s And Don’ts

Backing up your phone can be simple and easy. If you want to know “how to back up water damaged phone,” there are quick and helpful steps in this article you can do. 


how to back up water damaged phone

Phone Back-Up Importance

Smartphones these days have become an integral part of many people’s lives worldwide, and it has also become one of the tools to keep or save information. That is why backing up your phone, whether Android, iPhone, or any other regular phone, is vital, for you will never know what damage can happen to your device. 


Reasons Why You Need To Back Up Your Phone

  • Internal or external damage
  • Theft
  • Failure of phone hardware
  • Malicious attacks
  • Losing data by mistake
  • Fast recovery times


Do’s and don’ts when your phone accidentally falls into the water


To do:

  1. Remove the device from the water immediately – You should take the phone immediately out of the water, whether in the sink, toilet, or swimming pool.
  2. Switch your phone off – Even if it looks good or okay, you must turn off your phone to prevent a short circuit inside your device.
  3. Pull out all the necessary removal parts – If the battery is removable, take it out of the phone together with sim and micro SD cards. Place them on tissue paper to keep them safe and dry.
  4. Dry your phone – Using a clean, dry cloth, wipe the water off gently into your phone. Get a bag with silica gel and keep your phone there for at least 24-48 hours. 


Not to do:

  1. Avoid switching your phone on until it is completely dry – Do not turn your phone on until the water is already dry and there is no trace of moisture to avoid severe damage to the phone due to a short circuit.
  2. Prevent “heating method” to get your phone dry – Avoid using a hairdryer because excess heat can also cause damage to your phone.
  3. Avoid shaking or blowing your device – Shaking and blowing your phone will not help get the water out. Instead, it may cause the water to flow into the deeper areas of the phone.
  4. Do not plug in your phone – Avoid connecting your phone to its charger right away. Wait for 48 hours, and if your phone looks okay after switching on, plug the charger. 


Steps On How To Back Up Or Recover Data From Water Damaged Phone (Android Only)

There are two possible situations that you will face in trying to back up or recover data from your water-damaged phone: (Tip: If you are an iPhone user, click this one.)


Method #1. Your phone is not turning on

You can try to use the “broken android data extraction” to perform cell phone data recovery when this happens. This powerful tool can help detect your water-damaged phone and fix it to normal, and you can access the data from the damaged phone and save the files to your PC. 


Step #1. Connect the phone to your PC

First, set and select the broken android data extraction software on your PC. Connect the phone to your PC using a USB cable. 


Step #2. Select the device name and confirm the information

Then choose the fixing mode and click the “start.” After selecting the name and model of your phone, click “confirm.”


Step #3. Click the enter download mode

Follow the on-screen details to put your wet phone in “download mode.” This program will detect the phone and scan the data instantly. 


Step #4. Preview then restores the data

Lastly, you can now preview and select the data you want to restore by clicking the “recover” button, keeping your phone files on your PC. For photos, there are three steps you can check through this guide “how to transfer photos from water damaged phone.”


Method #2. The phone is on, but the data is lost

This second situation is possible, but for this one, you can try to use the “android data recovery.”


Step #1. Connect the phone to your PC

First, run the program on your PC, and from the toolbox, select “android data recovery.” Using a USB cable, connect your phone to your PC and follow the guide to enable USB debugging on your phone. 


Step #2. Select and scan the data types

Right after a successful connection, you will see the supported type file types of the android data recovery software. Select and click the “next” button to start scanning the files you want to recover.

You can also root your phone to see the other files and then choose “deep scan mode.”


Step #3. View and recover lost data

After completing the scan, you can preview your lost data, check it, then click the “recover” button and save the files on your PC. For add-ons, here are four great ways to help you know how to protect electronics from water damage; check this out. 



Knowing how to back up water damaged phone will no longer make you worry about your data. Follow the quick and easy guide steps here, and have your files safe.

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