How To Clean Water Damaged New Balance? 4 Amazing Tips

A brush and a suitable detergent are the main factors if you wonder how to clean water damaged New Balance. However, remember that there is a process that you need to consider following to guarantee its effectiveness.

It is hard to maintain the excellent condition of your New Balance because we cannot avoid unexpected circumstances. Fortunately, we can still fix and clean it easily using the simplest tools and materials.

how to clean water damaged new balance

Of course, we will not let anything happen to our lovely shoes, so we should be willing to do everything. Do not worry because this article provides what you can do to clean your water damaged New Balance.

So what are you waiting for? Continue reading this article and learn something new!


Clean Your New Balance

As someone who purchased a New Balance, you will do everything to ensure that the product is always in good condition. However, there are chances that we cannot avoid getting it dirty and wet.

You should be ready with your tools to clean it when this happens. Do not let it stay for a long time because it will just worsen the problem.

Being ready means providing your tools such as a brush and mild detergent that will work with the item. In choosing a detergent, you must guarantee that you will pick the one that does not produce any dye to avoid staining.

Make sure that you scrub the shoes lightly using a brush and cloth for wiping. Of course, do not forget to use the detergent as it will help clean your shoes easily.

After brushing and wiping it, you have to dry it using air dry for at least 24 hours. If you are done, you can now proceed with putting a deodorizer to remove all the unwanted odor that your shoes produce.

If you would like to check the process of removing odor for a different type of shoes, you can read how to get mildew smell out of sneakers for more reliable details.

On the other hand, always remember that you do not have to clean it with the help of a washing machine as it is not recommended. Do not let it be exposed to heat as it may lead to severe damage.

Lastly, it is advisable to always rely on the instructions stated in the cleaning product you purchased. This technique is more convenient, and it can assure you that your New Balance will not get any damage. 


Tips To Clean Water Damaged New Balance

The cleaning process of water damaged New Balance is different from the cleaning process of a shoes’ usual condition. It is a must to properly execute it to assure that you will not waste anything as you can do something about it.

There are unexpected scenarios in our life that we cannot avoid, such as getting our shoes wet. However, it is our responsibility to know how to deal with it. 

This portion of the article will provide you with tips and answers on how you can clean your water damaged New Balance. Do not worry because all the information below is reliable enough to follow. 


Tip #1. Remove dirt, mud, and water

Once your shoes have water exposure, you also need to expect that your shoes will not be free of dirt and mud. With this, you have to prioritize removing everything. 

In removing the dirt, you can use any brush. However, if it is mud, it is advisable to use a rag first to wipe it and then use a brush afterward. 

Remember to check all areas as you may not easily find some. Take note that it is better to do a double and triple check to guarantee that everything is fine.


Tip #2. Dry shoes using a newspaper

You also need to expect your New Balance to get soaked when exposed to massive water. Concerning this, you can provide a newspaper that will serve as your primary tool to dry your New Balance.

A newspaper is helpful because it can absorb all the moisture coming from the water. This is an excellent idea because it can help you save your shoes.

Remember not to let it be exposed to heat or dryer because it can cause cracks that ruin the shoes. 


Tip #3. Be patient in doing the process

You have to prove yourself that you will be patient throughout the process. Being calm and patient will help you do the procedure correctly. 

Remember that as long as you apply the correct procedure and consider every tip, everything will be smooth. Once you’ve found out everything, you can expect that you will achieve what you want without experiencing any problems. 

Moreover, looking for reliable information will also help you identify the best solution for your problem. So if you wonder how to care for and store a particular type of shoes, how to store leather shoes to prevent mold will be helpful.



Once you have finished understanding this article, you already know how to clean water damaged New Balance. We all know that we give importance to our shoes as purchasing one satisfies us.

However, it would be best to be ready because unexpected circumstances may happen. One of these is its exposure to water, leading to a severe problem if not treated immediately.

You do not need to worry because your only responsibility with this is to ensure that you are aware of the materials, tools, and the process that would help you. Being aware of this can also help you save your shoes instead of throwing them away simply for a simple reason.

Moreover, you also have to guarantee that you will be patient and calm as cleaning will not be as easy as you think. This is challenging, but everything will be worth it in the end.

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