6 Easy Steps On How To Fix A Water Damaged Headphone Jack

Accidentally spilled water on your phone? Worry not because here are simple ways how to fix a water damaged headphone jack like a pro.

When your headphone jack is wet, better let it dry immediately so that further damage to your phone will be prevented. If you will not dry your headphone jack, your home could experience short-circuit and may not be usable anymore.

how to fix a water damaged headphone jack

Aside from your phone’s charging port, the headphone jack of your phone is one way that water may creep on to get inside your cellphone and damage it from the inside. Making sure that it is dry is essential for keeping your phone safe.

To know more on how you can prevent and dry your water damaged headphone jack, continue on reading this article.


Can Water Damaged Headphones Be Fixed?

A phone that has no prolonged exposure to water can still be fixed, that is why removing your phone from where water is spilled or where you dropped it is the best way you can save your phone.

However, some phones are not that resilient when it comes to water damage. Most of the phones are weak when it comes to water exposure, but some are not that susceptible to water damage. 

To know what kind of phone can be fixed when they are damaged by water, here is what phone can be fixed when water damaged for our guidance.


What Happens If Your Headphone Jack Gets Wet?

The biggest threat to your phone is moisture. Moisture can seep through the inside of your cell phone and can have an adverse impact on the circuit of your phone.

Once the moisture is inside your phone, a short circuit may occur and will not just damage your phone in general, but could also affect other electronics inside your home, if the phone is connected to a charger.

If the water is stuck on your headphone jack itself, it can make your phone stuck in headphone mode all the time. And if it continues, the moisture will then seep through the insides of your phone and elicit further damage to it.

If you think that your headphone jack is not the only thing that is damaged, and think that your earphone mic may be damaged, here is how to fix water damaged earphone mic.


How Does The Headphone Jack Get Water Damage

There are various ways how your headphone jack gets wet, but here are the most common reasons.


Reason #1. Spilled water on the phone

Sometimes we experience accidents wherein we spill our drinks onto the table and during that process our phones get wet. This is the one way water that can get into your headphone jack.

Given that this happens mostly by pure accident or clumsiness, we cannot ignore the fact that it is a common scenario.


Reason #2. Rainfall

On the days that you may forget your umbrella at home and it suddenly rains, and you have no option but to run through the rain your phone might get moisture and experience water damage.

It is not raining every day due to the changing of the season, however, when it rains and you are not ready, your phone might suffer from water damage. 


Reason #3. Having a shower with your phone

During this technology era, it is common to have your phone beside you whatever you are doing. So taking your phone with you while you shower is not entirely new.

Taking your phone with you in the shower might be detrimental to your phone. The moisture from the shower might seep through the insides of your phone via the charging port or the headphone jack.


How To Get Rid Of The Water Inside Your Headphone Jack


Step #1. Shut your phone off

The first thing you need to do when you realize that you have a wet headphone jack is to shut down your phone. It is important to shut your phone off to prevent the flow of electricity from your phone.


Step #2. Wipe off your phone

To make sure that your headphone jack will dry up properly, kindly wipe it with a cotton pad or a soft clean cloth. By doing so, you will help your headphone jack release most of its moisture and prevent further water damage.


Step #3. De-ionize your headphone

To make sure that there are no unnecessary particles inside your headphone jack, you can deionize it with distilled water.

Yes, making your phone wet is detrimental to it, however, de-ionizing your headphone jack will make sure that there will be no particles inside your phone that can damage it, and besides distilled water will do no harm to your device if there is no prolonged exposure.


Step #4. Shake the earphone 

After de-ionizing your headphone jack, make sure to shake your phone lightly, with the jack facing down. It is to make sure that no water is left inside your phone.

Shaking your phone downwards will help remove the moisture within and make the drying process a lot faster.


Step #5. Dry your headphone jack 

To completely dry up your headphone jack, try blowing air into it or use a soft towel to dry it up. Make sure to dry also the inside of your headphone jack with a cotton swab or a silica gel.

With the help of silica gel, it will absorb all the moisture outside and inside of your phone, making sure that your device is well dried up and ready to be used.


Step #6. Call a professional

All the steps listed above are some cures you can do inside your home, if the water damage is more serious and the steps above did not help in solving your problem, you may opt to contact the customer service of your device.

Seeking professional help to solve your water damage problem with your device is one of the optimal ways to fix your phone.



After you have read through the whole article, you have now gained knowledge on how to fix a water damaged headphone jack. Use this knowledge to solve your problems with fixing your headphone jack.

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