How To Repair Water Damaged Butcher Block Countertop: 3 Steps

Water damage in the kitchen is a common concern, so you may want to know how to repair water damaged butcher block countertop. 

Sanding and applying mineral oil is the best way to do this process. You will remove stains and ensure that the material is protected. 

how to repair water damaged butcher block countertop

This article will show you all the essential information about maintaining your butcher block countertop. 

Benefits Of Using Butcher Block Countertop

What is this countertop made of? Butcher block comes from several pieces of wood laminated together. It makes a durable material that can last for years with proper maintenance.

Butcher block is becoming popular as a countertop material. It’s durable and stylish, so it’s perfect for decorating your kitchen. 

Using this material has several benefits:


1. It’s durable

Butcher block can last for decades if it’s given proper care. It’s just as strong as granite and it can outlive most laminated wood materials.


2. It’s versatile

You can make butcher blocks from several wood types. Whether you want oak, maple, beech, or even bamboo. 

You can also choose the grain type you want for your wood. 


3. It’s affordable

This material is cheaper than stone, but it’s just as durable. 


4. It’s easy to clean and refinish

You can clean your countertop with simple materials. No need to buy anything fancy at the hardware store. 

You only need sandpaper and mineral oil to refinish your countertop. Doing this process will keep the wood in good condition for a long time. 


Causes Of Water Damage On Countertop

People prefer using butcher block in kitchens because it’s stylish and cost-effective. However, it may still suffer from water damage after being exposed to constant moisture.

The most common water damage is spattering from the sink. When water droplets continuously fall on the wood, it leaves stains and spots. 

You also can’t prevent random spills that fall on your countertop. Hot drinks especially may leave some damage. 

You need to learn how to repair this countertop. Here is an informative article that teaches you how to fix water damaged butcher block.


Step-By-Step Process How To Repair Water Damage On Butcher Block

Fixing your countertop may look intimidating, but it’s a straightforward process. You can quickly repair it yourself without the help of professionals. 


Minor damage

Scratches and stains are common blemishes for any countertop. You can remove them by using common cleaning materials.


1. Hydrogen peroxide

You can use this chemical to clean colored stains from juice or wine. Dab it carefully on the area and blot it off with paper towels. 


2. Salt paste

Make this paste using salt and water, then rub it over the stains. It will remove the marks while protecting your butcher block.


3. Sandpaper 

You can use this paper for minor burns and scrapes. Remember to watch how much you’re sanding it so you don’t make a dent.

Use 220-grit sandpaper for scrapes and 100-grit sandpaper for burns. 


Large damage

If you leave the water damage unattended it can become a more severe problem. You must do some refinishing to fix it. 


Step #1. Sand the damaged area

Use your 120-grit sandpaper to remove any blemishes. Remember to move in a circular motion while sanding.

Continue with 180-grit sandpaper to polish the surface.


Step #2. Apply mineral oil

Choose some food-grade oil, and heat it before you apply it to the area. Pour the oil on the butcher block and let it soak for 30 minutes. 


Step #3. Wipe off the oil

Once the oil has soaked long enough you can wipe it off with a soft cloth. Leave it to dry and now your countertop is ready. 

Repairing the butcher block is similar to the way you would fix a basic countertop. Here is a guide on how to repair water damaged counter top.


Why Should You Seal Butcher Block Countertops?

Repairing your butcher block countertop is a simple process that requires minimal materials. However, you must try to prevent the material from having water damage. 

Sealing can help prevent your butcher block from severe damage. You will have to work on it regularly, but it’s a small effort compared to repairing your countertop. 

You can use mineral oil just like when you repair the water damage. Leave the oil to soak for a while and wipe it off with a paper towel.

Make sure to wipe it properly so your counter doesn’t cause stains. 

You may also use Waterlox to seal your countertop. It’s one of the most popular brands of countertop sealant. 

It’s food safe and it doesn’t stain as much compared to mineral oil. Apply three to five coats of this sealant to your countertop in 24-hour intervals for the best protection.

Now you can enjoy your lovely butcher block countertop while protecting it from water damage.  



People prefer using butcher block for their kitchens because it’s stylish and durable. However, this material isn’t immune to water damage and you must learn the best ways to fix it. 

You can keep your kitchen beautiful when you know how to repair water damaged butcher block countertop. You will save money and effort, and your countertop won’t have any stains or scratches.

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