How To Fix A Singer Sewing Machine Bobbin Case

If you want to know how to fix a Singer sewing machine bobbin case, familiarize yourself with how to replace it. We’ll also talk about what to do when the Singer bobbin case came out. And additionally, we’ll share tips on proper bobbin case maintenance. 

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how to fix a singer sewing machine bobbin case


How To Fix A Singer Sewing Machine Bobbin Case At Home

  1. Read and study the Singer manual of the specific model you have, especially the illustrations and troubleshooting recommendations
  2. If the bobbin case has issues, it’s best to replace it
  3. Turn the sewing machine off and unplug it
  4. Remove the bobbin cover and determine the release lever on the bobbin case
  5. Pull the bobbin case release lever away from the case via the hinge
  6. Put the bobbin case on the spool securely and re-engage the lever 
  7. Test the security of the new bobbin case if it’s not loose before replacing the cover


Signs That Your Singer Bobbin Case Is Broken


Clicking noises on the sewing machine

Notice if your sewing machine makes clicking noises when you’re sewing. This noise can be caused by a broken bobbin case, which means you need to replace it. You can also consider rewinding the bobbin case and check if this solves the issue. 


Bobbin case is moving

The bobbin case on the sewing machine is not supposed to move. The reason if the bobbin case is moving is if a thread got caught in it during winding. Your bobbin case can also move if it uses a horizontal bobbin, and you’ll need to reinforce it with safety pins while using the correct tension.


How Do You Put The Bobbin Case Back In A Singer Sewing Machine?

  1. Check the proper bobbin case for the specific Singer sewing machine you have
  2. Refer to the manual of your Singer sewing machine model to also know what type of bobbin mechanism it uses 
  3. Slide the replacement bobbin case under the fabric feed
  4. Check if the split side of the bobbin case is aligned under the feed before moving the case’s edge under the position plate
  5. If you can’t find the position plate, it should be at the corner of the bobbin case opening, and the bobbin itself should move smoothly along the hook race
  6. Twist the bobbin case holder forward to lock the bobbin case into position
  7. Check the movement of the bobbin case and if you inserted it securely by moving the handwheel
  8. Replace the needle plate back and put in your bobbin
  9. Replace the feed cover onto the machine


How do you get a bobbin case off?

  1. Turn off and unplug the sewing machine
  2. Raise the needle and presser foot
  3. Open the slide plate above the bobbin case and remove the needle plate screw to remove the needle plate
  4. Turn the bobbin case holder towards the back of the sewing machine
  5. Pinch one side of the bobbin case to slide it off the machine


Why Does My Bobbin Case Keep Popping Out?

  • The bobbin case is not installed correctly
  • The bobbin case is damaged or has a burr on it
  • You did not thread the bobbin case correctly
  • There’s a thread caught in the bobbin case
  • The bobbin case is not aligned correctly from the thread path 
  • The horizontal bobbin on some machines tend to pop out easily
  • There is dust or lint build-up in the race and rotary hook area
  • You’re using the wrong bobbin for your sewing machine 


What Does The Bobbin Case Sit In?

The bobbin case sits in the bobbin winder, which is what’s responsible for winding the thread on the bobbin. You will put the bobbin case on it to ensure that you will distribute the bobbin thread evenly and avoid issues. However, it’s also possible to wind a bobbin manually.  


Are Bobbin Cases Universal?

Bobbin cases are not universal because you can differentiate them into removable and inset types. Furthermore, you must always refer to your sewing machine manual to know what bobbin case your unit uses. 


Removable bobbin cases

From the name itself, you can take out the bobbin case if it’s removable. This is useful when replacing the bobbin, and they use a lever or spring for removing or replacing them. A removable bobbin case can also either be front-loading or side-loading. 


Inset bobbin cases

Inset bobbin cases are the most common ones you’ll see on the latest sewing machine models. You don’t need to take them out, and they are also called the drop-in bobbin cases. This makes them more beginner-friendly and allows the user to replace the bobbin quickly.  


When Should I Replace My Bobbin Case?

  • When you see damages on the bobbin case
  • When you notice thread bunching up or getting stuck
  • When the case always pops out of the sewing machine



Was this article helpful? To recap how to fix a Singer sewing machine bobbin case, you must consider checking and replacing it. It should not make any noises or pop out as these can be signs that your case has issues.

We also recommend reading about how to put a bobbin in a sewing machine. Remember to install it correctly to avoid issues when sewing. 


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