How To Replace Fire Bricks In A Wood Stove? 3 Easy Steps To Do!

Having worries on how to replace fire bricks in a wood stove? Well, you don’t have to worry about that because we got you covered. Wood stoves are essential, so before anything happens, let us do it to avoid worries furthermore. Otherwise, it might be the start or cause of a problem.

Now, what are fire bricks used for? Suppose you don’t have any idea to what use do they serve. In that case, they act as insulation to hold the heat within the firebox, making it heat more in a particular area while avoiding the appliance from overheating.

how to replace fire bricks in a wood stove

Though it takes some time to heat, it is undoubtedly effective in preventing burns.

Regardless of that, let us further move on to the other parts of the topic. From here on, you might be able to pick up some essential terms and lessons that might come in helpful anytime. So without further ado, let us now dive deeper into the topic. Keep an eye as you may be able to take note of something important here.


How To Replace Fire Bricks In A Wood Stove

If you’re new to this, it would entirely take some of your time since there are many things that you’ll want to consider when doing this. So as a guide, you can refer to the steps below to finish it without any problems. Then, put it to use immediately:


Step #1. Preparation before the replacement of fire bricks

Before working or touching a wood stove, we recommend that you bring your safety gear with you in case the work area may get a little bit messy. To avoid that, you may want to put some newspapers around the area you’re working at. With that, ashes can be manageable to clean after you’re done doing it.

Also, take some time to wait for the ashes and the appliance itself to cool down.  You cannot work correctly with a heated instrument, or else; you may get yourself burned. Always wear a mask too to avoid ashes flying inside your nose or eyes. It would help if you protected it at all times. Once you’re complete, we should move on now.


Step #2. Removing the insides of the stove

Now, this is where all the replacing begins. To start it off, you’ll want to remove all the debris and ashes that are present, along with some log grates. To do that, you’ll want to gently pull all the bricks that you want to replace since they are no longer needed or damage is present on its surface. Then, slowly stretch them one by one.

As you do this, you’ll want to pull them slowly, starting from the floor, going to the top parts of the inner and outer wall. Make sure to remove it with care since they are heavy and can damage or injure you with just a slow fall since it is serious.

Once all the fire bricks have been removed, put them away from the stove and ready the new ones. You are now prepared to do the last and final step as you put all away from the old ones. So without further ado, let us now move on to finish the process. If I were you, read on how to remove firebricks without damage


Step #3. Placing new fire bricks inside your wood stove

The area is now fully cleared; the only step that needs to be done is putting the fire bricks altogether to create a new wall insulator inside your stove. First, make sure that the area you’re dealing with is thoroughly cleaned up for that step. If not, use a wire brush to remove piles of ashes or bits of random things that can be seen inside. To help you, read on how to line a wood stove with fire brick

As a basis, use the old fire bricks to measure your new ones perfectly. With that, they will fit without any hassle of cutting or grinding them more.

Follow its height and size for a perfect fit inside the area. Once everything has been put into place, you’ll want to tap it using a hammer mallet so that it stays firm until in its nook.

Once everything is ensured, you can try heating your wood stove, though it shouldn’t be overheated since there might be errors in the surface of the walls or floor of the fire bricks. If ever that happens to you, open the door and wait for the appliance to cool down a bit. Use gloves when picking up the bricks.

Rearranging it might be challenging, but you’ll slowly get the hang of it. And there you go, a wood stove with newly replaced fire bricks. You can now have better insulation without having to worry about cracked fire bricks or anything. To understand more, know how to arrange bricks in wood stove


It’s A Wrap!

Now that you’ve learned how to replace fire bricks in a wood stove, we assume that the job that you’re dealing with will be much easier for you. Take hold of these as you may need them for future use; otherwise, you may come unprepared at certain times whenever required.  For more articles like this, you can check out how to use a wood stove damper. Thank you for your time! I hope you have learned something. 

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