How To Fix A Loose Dryer Baffle? 5 Best Tips!

Did you ever want to know how to fix a loose dryer baffle? Don’t worry, and you come to the right page. Baffles are up to four fins that run around the inside of the drum of your dryer. These are responsible for improving air circulation and fluffing your clothes as they spin. 

On the other hand, a loose baffle can cause noise and potentially snag and damage your garments. While a baffle that has come loose isn’t a significant concern in terms of operation, you should replace it to avoid having a rough input hole that might catch clothing.

how to fix a loose dryer baffle

Assuming that the baffle is merely loose and not broken, resecuring the screws or replacing damaged screws may be all that is required. However, if you’re changing the baffle, you’ll have to align it with the screw holes, which might be difficult. Let us get into the deep for more about how you can fix a loose dryer baffle!


What Are Dryer Baffles?

The baffles on the interior of your dryer drum are not only for décor; they also help to dry your garments. The baffles fluff your clothes as the dryer drum turns. Although a loose baffle isn’t a severe problem, it might produce annoyances like a loud rattling noise or snags on your clothing. Due to worn screw holes, a baffle frequently gets typically extracted.


Tips To Fix A Loose Dryer Baffle

If you feel your dryer baffles are loosening, you need to fix them before getting into any trouble. Sometimes, loosening a dryer baffle does not create the problem, but it may be dangerous if the baffles are broken because of continued loosening. Let’s check the below-mentioned tips for how to fix a loose dryer baffle.


#1. Unplug the power

Disconnect the power line from the dryer’s outlet. Push the dryer away from a wall so that the top of the dryer may be lifted without causing harm to the wall, and it may also be dangerous for yourself. Here’s the power consumption of washing machine


#2. Eliminate the parts to get to the drum

Place a small head screwdriver 30 cm from the bottom right, between the front and top panels, in the front of the dryer. While raising the corner of the board with your free hand, press in the screwdriver to remove the retention clips that secure it.

Raise the panel to free the opposite corner, then flip it back to rest on the hinges. Rotate the drum until the baffle within the drum is at the top of the drum by opening the dryer door.

Find the screws that hold the baffle in place on the drum. Reach inside the drum and press the baffle flat against the drum with your helper. Tighten the retaining screws with a head screwdriver. If your dryer has two baffles, spin it once more until the baffle within the drum is at the top. 


#3. Check the drum baffle

You must need to rotate the dryer drum till the loosened baffle is at the “top” of the dryer now that the main top has been elevated. The screws that keep the baffle in place may be removed from the outside of the drum. If the baffle has gone loose, all you have to do is tighten the screws. If the baffle is damaged or has entirely broken off, they will have to fix it.


#4. Replace the broken baffles

Unplug your dryer to begin this replacement. After that, open the dryer door and start removing the screws that surround the front panel and the screws that keep the actual entry in place.  To properly remove the front panel, you must slide it away from the hooks that also help to keep it in place. Several bolts holding the main top to the front bulkhead must be removed now. Must now be removed.

After lifting the main top-up, you’ll need to physically spin the dryer drum to position it where the baffle needs to be replaced on the dryer drum’s top. 

We realized that the screw holes in our baffle were stripped, and we would be unable to tighten it to the drum. When replacing the baffle, hold it in place within the dryer with one hand to prevent it from dropping and potentially harming the drum while removing the two screws from the outside drum with the other. 

At this time, you should check the dryer’s other baffles for damage or tighten them up. If the holes in the drum are damaged, you’ll need to use a more oversized washer to keep them snug when replacing them.


#5. Assemble the dryer after fixing

It’s time to reassemble your dryer after inspecting, replacing, and tightening each of the baffles. Lower the main top with care, making sure it snaps into place. Reattach the door to the hinges and reinstall the mounting brackets and front panels. Keep an eye on your baffles and stay on top of loose ones to avoid tearing your clothes or damaging your dryer. Large bulky objects, such as sneakers, should not be dried since the baffles may fracture or shatter. Click on these links to read related articles; know how to fix spin cycle on washer and how to fix a washer that wont drain


It’s A Wrap!

We’re glad to hear that you’ve gained a better understanding of how to fix a loose dryer baffle. After reading this article, you can now appoint an open dryer to baffle yourself, and you just need to follow these tips carefully.

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