How To Fix Spin Cycle On Washer? 6 Best Ways!

Do you want to know how to fix spin cycle on washer? In this article, we’re going to show you the different ways you can fix your washer’s spin cycle in a few minutes. We will also discuss the process of effectively doing your laundry using a washer machine.

It is important to keep our clothes clean and sanitized as much as possible especially with the safety protocols this virus has brought on us. You won’t need to spend a lot of money to fix your washer when you read about how simply you can do it yourself. Keep on reading to know more!

how to fix spin cycle on washer


What Is The Process Of Using A Washing Machine?

How do you wash your clothes using the washer? It’s quite simple, but everyone needs to learn the basics. You may customize the way you deal with your washer and clothes once you get the hang of it. Here are the few necessary steps on how to fix spin cycle on washer:


Step #1. Sort your clothes

When sorting clothes, you need to separate the whites from the colored ones. This prevents the colors to leak and stain the white clothes. If there is no leaking, there is still a chance for the whites to obtain a slight hue of a different color. This might happen during the bleaching stage because it uses strong cleaning chemicals.


Step #2. Wash cycles

Wash them according to their required wash cycles, again keep in mind to separately wash whites and colored ones. The first rinse is with water only, this makes the dirt softer and loosens it from the clothes. Drain the dirty water from the first rinse. Then do another one with detergent. The next cycle will be for bleaching, this is especially good for the whites as they retain the new look. For the final rinse, make sure all the chemicals are flushed out and this cycle can be repeated as much as you please. Read about the proper wash cycle and how to use a washer.


Step #3. Remove clothes

The final spin cycle is the one with the highest RPMs as it needs to extract as much water and moisture from the clothes as it can. Be careful when handling wet garments as they should not be stretched so much. Then can be gently squeezed to remove more excess water.

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Step #4. Drying

The washer cannot completely dry your clothes as it is in a closed space that was previously filled up with water. It also isn’t a good idea to overwork your washer to make spin-dry your clothes completely. Find an open space, preferably outside the house, where you can hang them after. Distribute the clothes evenly and make sure the air flows abundantly.


Why And How You Can Fix Spin Cycle On Washer

There are several reasons for a washer machine to not spin. This may be a common experience for those who don’t have a lot of experience operating the appliance. Here are a few tips on how to fix the spin cycle on the washer.


Reason #1. Power source

Check your power source. It may be loosened or plugged into a dead outlet. Try to unplug it for 2 minutes then plug it again. Make sure the power cord is not damaged and secured.


Reason #2. Block in the drain

There could be a blockage in your drain pipe which causes your washer to not be able to spin. Check for anything that could have been stuck in the hose. It could be some loose change or a small piece of garment. Read about how to fix a washer that wont drain.


Reason #3. Unbalanced laundry

It is important to remember when loading your washer machine, it must be balanced. The weight could throw off the machine and cause its spin cycles to not function properly. When you notice your washer has stopped spinning or refuses to do the last cycle, try shifting the laundry in a sense that balances out the weight. Know how to level a washer.


Reason #4. Water level

Sometimes it isn’t the laundry’s unbalanced weight that caused the problem. It cannot spin properly because of too much load, such as having too much water. You can manually drain the tub to lower the water level. Washer machines have a function that senses when the weight is too much so the machine won’t destroy itself overworking beyond its capacity in the long run.


Reason #5. Drive belt

Time to assess your drive belt. It may be broken, explaining why your washer does not spin anymore. You can try cleaning it so it runs smoothly. When your drive belt is broken, best to buy a new one and get it installed by a professional. 


Reason #6. Washer machine repair

If you think you may have some broken components in your washer, it is best to look for aid from a professional repair. Inquire with your nearest hardware store for some assistance. Let the technicians look into your washer to prevent any further damage and to fix the problem at hand.



Now that you know how to fix spin cycle on washer, you can save a lot of time and money for your appliance. It is important to keep up with its maintenance to use it for many more years. Thank you for reading this article!

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