What To Wear To A Desert Wedding: Consider These 3

There are three considerations on what to wear to a desert wedding. First, you must prioritize comfort and practicality when deciding on an outfit because of the unique location. 

However, remember that you’re still attending a wedding and want to dress well for the occasion. And if you also need other outfit tips for different types of weddings, you can browse our selection of blogs. 

what to wear to a desert wedding

For example, a winery is another location where what you wear should be practical. Read what to wear to a winery wedding to dress accordingly. 


What To Wear To A Desert Wedding As A Guest


Dress for the weather

You might assume that since the wedding location is in a desert, you don’t need to bring something warm. However, the desert can get breezy and cold, especially when the wedding continues into the sunset. 

That being said, it’s best to wear breathable fabrics that you can layer with other clothes in case you need to feel warmer. For example, female guests can bring wraps to add to their dresses, and male guests can get a jacket to add to their buttoned shirts. 

While you must still check the wedding invitation for the dress code, desert weddings are not as formal for practicality in the location. However, do not dress too casually as it’s still a special occasion. 


Consider the season

Besides the general weather in the desert, the season of the wedding date is influential on how you should dress up as a wedding guest. For example, the couple might be taking advantage of the colors and want a bright backdrop for their wedding. 

They’re likely to hold a summer desert wedding, which means you must expect that it will be hot and sweaty. So avoid dark-colored outfits and those that are too tight against the body.

Women can consider flowy dresses or dressy blouses and skirts in light colors. On the other hand, men can opt for short-sleeved shirts and khakis, which are softer than other pants. 

If you’re anticipating some coldness or want a coverup against the sun, here is how to wear a shawl to a wedding


Expect sand and cacti

While the wedding will, of course, be held in a spot in the desert where there’s not much challenge in the terrain, you still want to assume that you’ll encounter sand and cacti. Therefore, it’s highly advisable to wear closed-toed shoes for male and female guests. 

An exception is if you don’t expect to walk around much, and some couples who have a desert wedding want a boho theme. Sandals and open-toed footwear fit this theme, but it’s still probably best to ditch high and pointed heels that are never sand-friendly. 

As for male guests, you also want something comfortable for your footwear as it can be annoying to feel sand inside your shoes. And as for dressing up for the cacti, guests should be mindful of the lengths of their clothes as you don’t want the fabric snagging on thorns and bushes. 

If you can’t decide what shoes to wear, try this guide on how to wear flat shoes to a wedding


What Is The Dress Code For A Desert Wedding?



The typical dress code for desert weddings is semi-formal to casual. However, the bride and groom themselves can still dress up for the occasion and wear something more formal amidst the simpler attires of their guests. 

Just remember that you’re not having the wedding in an indoor location where the weather is more controlled. Brides can opt to ditch the heels and long trains for more effortless movements, while the groom can consider a light-colored suit and pants than the classic black attire, which can get hot. 



Another thing worth noting is the theme of the desert wedding. Check the wedding invitation as some desert weddings follow a boho theme, where you can apply these tips on what to wear to a boho wedding

There are also desert weddings that indicate a desert chic theme. From the name itself, the outfits you’ll wear are desert-appropriate but still has some style to them. 

Men can wear earth tones in their shawl, buttoned shirt, and trousers. On the other hand, women tend to wear flowy patterned maxi dresses, a hat, and cowboy boots. 


What Do You Wear To A Hot Outdoor Wedding?


Breathable outfits

When attending a hot outdoor wedding, search your wardrobe for items made of summer-friendly fabrics. They include cotton, linen, and rayon, which are breathable and ideal, especially when it’s hot and humid. 

You also want clothes that are looser around the body to sweat comfortably. Of course, you’re attending a wedding, so it’s tacky to wear very short clothing, but there are semi-formal clothes that are short but still respectful. 


Accessories for added comfort

Remember to accessorize for added heat and sun protection in the outdoor wedding. Sunglasses, brimmed hats, to even scarves and shawls should help you stay comfortable in a hot outdoor wedding. 

For jewelry, wearing too many layers can get uncomfortable when hot. You also don’t want to be sweating on certain types of jewelry.



And that’s it! Regarding what to wear to a desert wedding, you want to consider the conditions and terrain in this type of location. 

Opt for lightweight fabrics, light colors, and comfortable footwear. Check the dress code to be sure, but desert weddings are likely more semi-formal. 


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