How To Fix A Gas Stove Burner That Wont Light? 3 Easy Steps!

How to fix a gas stove burner that wont light? Gas burners are necessary for one’s home and are badly needed since cooking with them will be easier. You see, almost everybody around the world owns or has owned one. Though efficient, there still might be problems that can happen to your appliance but worry not; today, we’ll learn how to fix it through a more straightforward method.

If you are a newbie to fixing things like this, you’ll want to check on this first since it involves a gas stove burner that may cause accidents if not handled properly. It’s a good thing we will discuss it further as many people don’t know how to fix a gas stove burner that won’t light. Let us continue.

How to fix a gas stove burner that wont light

These problems usually don’t happen at a gas stove burner, meaning; you should always be mindful. It might start a fire without you noticing at all because there might be loose parts that haven’t been fixed. Today as we continue reading the topic of this article, we’ll further explain even the smallest of details for you. Nonetheless, we should move on and dive deeper into this topic to have more profound knowledge and experience than before. You may also learn essential lessons, tips, or words unfamiliar to you that relate to any gas stove burner problems. Now, let us move on to the next part.


Steps To Fix A Stove Burner That Won’t Light Up

How to fix a gas stove burner that wont light? Before jumping to conclusions, we recommend that you first check the steps to do it; if you don’t, you might get yourself at risk. There are also some considerations that you should and shouldn’t do; take note of those while reading:


Step #1. Checking out for the main problem of your gas stove

Since gas stoves tend to have many problems for various reasons, it is essential to make sure that we first check the appliance’s real trouble. It might be just an easy fix, and no more extra-curricular activities are needed. And with that figured out, we can take a closer look to see if the gas stove needs some fix.

Now when checking, you’ll first want to get the racks off the burner; in that way, you can get to the core of the heating element, which is down below being hidden by several parts that make up the burner. Slowly check the pieces as there might be small parts that you can lose due to their size and weight. 

Don’t forget to remove the burner cap too; this puts everything into place before the cover; this is also the one responsible for the distribution of flames through several holes so that when cooking, the fire is distributed evenly to each part of the pan, making it cooked perfectly the way you want it to be. Know the common problems with gas stoves


Step #2. Cleaning each part of the burner

Before risking, do not forget to turn off the stove and the gas line. In that way, we can avoid accidents like burnings and many more since you are most likely to hit the knobs while doing the process. Now, gather all the pieces and line them up somewhere that can be found easily since they may contain small parts. In your burner, look for a slot or hole that can be located anywhere in the circle.

You can use a toothpick and pick it out since there might be something stuck in it that makes your flames go lower than expected or even none. Clean all the slots that you can find since some build-ups sometimes happen on the parts.

To clean the other parts, you’ll want to use sandpaper only since this is one of the thinnest and easy to rub between the holes or slots, and you can repeat this step until you have seen no traces of gunk or anything blocking the holes. Check the inner of the device, too, as there might be something blocking its way. Use a pick. Make sure to go through things twice as it can be hard to clean every once in a while.

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If you do this process right, it should be able to last you for a month or two without having the problems of blocking or anything in your gas stove’s burner. Anyway, reading how to repair gas stove burners may be useful for you!


Step #3. Assembling all the pieces back together 

Now that the process has been carried out, it is now time that we put everything back into place once again. Follow the order of how you removed it first and make sure that everything fits into its slots. Make sure to try and turn on the device once you’re done to see if everything works well again. You’re all set!


It’s A Wrap!

How to fix a gas stove burner that wont light? Now that you know how to fix a gas stove burner that won’t light, it’ll be easier for you to get rid of the problems that might happen in your gas stove earlier. Your gas stove is essential to have it working in a house, so make sure to check up on it all the time. Read articles related to stove; know how to clean griddle on stove top and how to clean burnt stove top.

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