How To Fix A Broken Chair Leg In 6 Easy Steps

Have you been going around your house asking everyone how to fix a broken chair leg? Well, guess what? You have stumbled into the right place!

Chair legs often receive the brunt of punishment. Not only do they support the user’s weight, but carrying your chair across uneven floors can also be taxing.

how to fix a broken chair leg

Legs are often the weakest and least supported parts of your chair, and luckily, you’ve got yourself a guide for damaged chair legs. As long as all of the pieces are there, you can still restore it. Now, check out our step-by-step guide for fixing a broken chair leg.


Repairing A Broken Chair Leg


Materials needed:

  • Drill
  • Spring clamps
  • 1/2 inch paddle bit
  • Wood glue
  • hobby backsaw
  • 1/2 inch dowel wood
  • Pocket knife
  • Painters tape


Step #1. Set your workstation

Set the chair upon a flat or sturdy work surface. Flip the leg in front of you to make it more accessible.

Examine the damage. Inspect the threads or bolts that connect the portion to the chair; these are prone to stripping out of the furniture’s body. Collect and reconstruct all of the fragments of the broken leg to ensure that they fit back together.


Step #2. Glue the pieces together

Apply adhesive to the damaged region. Use wood glue like PVA or hide glue to produce a stronger bond than the original wood fibers.

Set the pieces snugly together and fasten them together with spring or C clamps, or use masking tape to secure the leg in place and to prevent it from moving. Remove the excess glue by wiping it with a damp cloth.


Step #3. Add painter’s tape

It would be best to wrap the painter’s tape around the upper portion of the damaged area. Draw a guide in the painter’s tape using a pencil or a marker to drill the dowel.

Make sure the area you’re going to drill is wholly covered with tape. The wood should not chip out if you hit slowly through it, or else you’d have to start over.


Step #4. Add more glue

Apply wood glue to the dowel’s end after trimming it down. Bore through cleanly broken legs using a dowel rod to reattach them. On both pieces, make a mark in the middle of the portion.

Drill a 14-inch hole 1 inch deep into each component. Cut a 14-inch dowel into one 34-inch length.

Apply wood glue to the spots in both sections of the shattered legs, as well as the broken surface around them. Then, using a hobby backsaw, carefully cut away the excess.


Step #5. Stabilize the chair

If the chair needs a little more support, attach another peg. Then, in the front mount of the frame of this chair, drill the other piece of the structure.

Drill a three-inch hole through a painter’s tape piece. To get all of the sawdust out of the hole, flip the chair over.

Insert the dowel inside the hole in the piece of furniture leg that is still attached. Place the broken leg piece on the leg, centered on the dowel, and align the fractured ends.

Allow a day for the adhesive to set before clamping the leg in place using a bar clamp. Then, cut off the excess dowel with a hobby backsaw.


Step #6. Paint

For the final step, remove the painter’s tape wrapped around the chair leg. Sand it down a touch and paint the pegs to blend in. Allow the paint to dry before using it.


How to repair a cracked leg?

Chair legs, especially those constructed of oak, are prone to splitting along grain lines. This happens when grain patterns collide at a stress point on the leg or when the portion is abused. It usually produces a crisp split that may or may not entirely separate.

Even if the crack extends halfway up the chair, it renders it useless. Attempting to fix the damage with screws or nails will make it worse. For a long-lasting repair, use glue.


Can a broken chair leg be fixed?

On wooden chairs that are used frequently, loose legs, rungs, and spindles can develop. Yet, these issues are often reversible. Loose rungs or spindles and loose legs in the absence of bracing can occasionally be repaired by squeezing glue into the joints.


Will screws fix a broken chair leg?

Some people make matters worse by attempting to fasten the leg by driving multiple screws into the furniture. By splitting the wood, it generates even more complications.



Dragging the chair instead of picking it up can put a lot of strain on its legs. A well-maintained chair can offer numerous functions to ensure that it receives the finest possible care.

The next time you get some chair fixing to do, you wouldn’t need to ask around people how to fix a broken chair leg! With the help of this article, you can do it all on your own —provided that you have the right tools for the job.

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