What Is A Glider Chair? (And Its 5 Unique Traits)

Read through to know what is a glider chair and how it differs from a rocker.

Have you been thinking about what to put in your baby’s room? Gliders and rockers are the most popular ones you can consider.

what is a glider chair

The right choices of furniture  bring the right amount of cozy. Aside from grabbing the softest bed, the sturdiest crib, and the loveliest colors, it is essential to get your hands on the best types of furniture to help you deal with the late-night cries. You wouldn’t want to look like an exhausted parent, would you?


The Glider Chair

A glider, also called a platform rocker, is a type of rocking chair. It is specially designed to move like a swing seat.

Its entire frame is composed of a seat which is attached to the base firmly with a double-rocker four-bar linkage. Additionally, it has non-parallel suspension arms, which cause the glider chair to move in a rocking chair movement as it whips back and forth.

As it simulates a swinging motion, a glider chair is used as an alternative to a porch swing. It is a popular piece of furniture that assists parents, like you, as you feed your little one. Also, it is perfect for cuddling, soothing, and reading with your newborn baby.

Another point for a glider is that it is marginally safe for toddlers — and pets— as its pinch points are designed to move away from the floor. It offers a smooth ride to make you and your baby relax.


Is a glider chair necessary?

Though it is, with no doubt, useful, a glider chair is not  a necessity. However, if you have the budget and the space, then why not? Some parents consider this as a must-have, particularly during the early years.

It is practical to prevent backaches as you cuddle with your little one for hours. A glider chair is something you invest in to give your space a nice use.


How is a glider chair different from a rocking chair?

A glider and a rocker are friends with newborn babies and mothers. They are usually a preferred present in every nursery room. If you are thinking of a good nursery chair, you are most probably having a dilemma in choosing between these two.

Although interchangeably used with a rocker, a glider has distinct characteristics. Continue reading and we will go through several aspects of their differences.

  • Motion/Movement

If you want to know what is the main difference between a glider chair and a rocking chair, the answer would be in terms of their movements. A rocker moves in an arc pattern while the other one’s movement is commonly back and forth—some can even swivel! With that, a glider offers a smoother ride.

  • Weight

If you want something easy to move around and transport, a glider may not be the best nursing chair for you. The materials used to make it are not lightweight. The rocker, on the contrary, is made of light materials which makes it easier to move around and transport around the room.

  • Comfort

Comfy ones are always the best, right? A glider chair is normally cozy as it always comes with cushions. Some often have matching ottomans in which you can relax your feet as you cuddle and read with your baby.

Rocking chairs are commonly not cushioned. Nonetheless, you can add some soft pads on a rocking chair, depending on your strategy. However, the coziness may not last that long as it starts to get uncomfortable within a few minutes.

  • Space

For a small-spaced area, it is always nice to save some space, so you can consider using a rocking chair. It takes less space as it is smaller than a glider.

A glider, on the other hand, is more suitable in a larger area. Modern ones are designed to take up larger space as they are bulkier.

  • Safety

It is always crucial to consider safety in decisions — even in furniture — when it involves your little ones. A rocking chair consists of two rockers that touch the ground at two points in every movement. The pinch points might squeeze or trap toddlers and pets, which are not very friendly.

A glider, in contrast, is much safer as its pinch points are away from the floor. You don’t have to worry about having your little one’s toes getting trapped.

These differences will help you choose the best nursing chair you would want in your nursery room. It is important to look at each and every aspect when making a decision as you wouldn’t want to compromise.



Nursing chairs’ benefits have always been timeless. It is eternally good to have one.  Now that you know what is a glider chair, and you are now enlightened with how it differs from a rocker, there is no doubt you can choose which one you prefer.

Just like any other parents, we all want what is best for our babies. May it be about their food, clothes, even the types of furniture they would use, their welfare should be our utmost priority.

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