How To Fix A Broken Bed Beam? 5 Easy Steps!

Having problems with your bed and ask, “How to fix a broken bed beam?”

The reason for that might be the screws and bolts are loosely fitted or the beams are not placed properly.

How to fix a broken bed beam

Or there are instances that it occurs due to putting pressure on the wrong parts of the bed.

Thus those parts are unable to handle too much stress then break.

Imagine this, your sleeping, all of a sudden you hear a break in your bed, then the next thing you know, you’re laying down diagonally. Infuriating!

Due to this problem, we will give you ways to fix it so that you can sleep peacefully.

So read on!


Easy Steps To Fix A Broken Bed Beam

What kind of person in their right mind would want to sleep in a bed that is somewhat inclined diagonally?

It’s very uncomfortable.

It won’t give you the same relaxation and satisfaction as sleeping horizontally in your bed.

And the worst part is when you wake up, you have a chance of falling on the floor, therefore ruining anybody’s day.

You don’t want your day to be ruined the moment you wake up.

We looked up steps on how to fix a broken bed beam.

Here they are:


Step #1. Identify where the crack is located

The first thing to do in handling the problem is to locate where the problem originates.

First, you need to look where the crack or broken piece of your bed beam is located.

That will determine the intensity of the problems, whether it’s only a small crack or a big break.

It will also determine which material you need, wood glue or nails and hammer or some screws for metal-framed beds.

For small cracks, you only need wood fillers or wood glue.

Wood filler seeps into the cracked part of the beam then shrinks, thus connecting the gap.

Metal beds don’t crack, but they can have dents and can be dangerous when left unattended.

Pouring boiling water would make the metal expand, thus returning it to its original form.


Step #2. Assemble needed materials

After locating the problem, you need to collect what you need to fix it.

You would need maybe some nails, wood glue and fillers, a hammer, and a clamp for wood beams.

For metal beams, they usually use screws and in case of a dent, prepare boiling water to pour to the broken part of the bed slowly.


Step #3. Clean the broken part of the bed

Cleaning the broken part is essential, especially for wood beams, to maximize the wood glue’s stickiness.

The adhesive properties of glue diminish when there are a lot of things that are sticking to it.

Sanding the cracked part to make it neat and clean is advisable, which should be done before wetting the beams.

Cleaning it and then drying it for a long time would be the best way to go for the glue to stick properly.


Step #4. Adjust loose screws

Loose screws can be dangerous since no one can predict when they will give up and fall out of position.

It will just be a big surprise for you, just laying down on your bed, and then boom, something falls and hits the floor.

Loose screws can destabilize the bed and make you sway when you lay down.

You would need some help with this process.

First, you need to ask a family member or a helpful neighbor to raise the bed so you can adjust the screws tightly.

For beds that are joint with a nail, use a mallet or a small hammer, then gently hammer it into position.

As for the ones that use screws, a screwdriver of the right size would be sufficient.

And for beds that use glue, reapply the glue to the joint part, and then gently hammer it to fit tightly.


Step #5. Clamp the beams to dry

Clamp the beams where it has been glued for it to stick correctly.

Wipe off excess glue the may spread after you clamp the beam to the mainframe of the bed.

Keep on clamping overnight or as to how long the glue product tells you to.

After removing the clamps, use sandpaper to smooth off the beam and look neat and clean.


How to avoid breakage

To avoid breakage in your beams, look for a bed with sturdy beams and make sure that the furniture company tightens screws and nails.

Buying a sturdy bed would save you money since it will last you very long, which would be better than buying a new bed now and then.

Furthermore, bed quality can also be on a budget, so make sure you think about buying for your comfort and convenience.


Wrapping Up!

And that is all the information we gathered regarding our topic, “How to fix a broken bed beam.”

Remember to find the cause before you come off with a solution. We hope that this article helped you out!

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