How To Make A Bunk Bed Fort? In 4 Easy Steps!

Want to test out your imagination and know-how to make a bunk bed fort?

Guess what, you have come to the right place to learn how to make these awesome projects with your friends!

how to make a bunk bed fort

However, keep in mind that everything you will see here should remain a secret of the fort. No outsiders allowed.

No matter the age, there is always a time when we want to experience fun in the weirdest yet most creative ways.

And what is more convenient than having a bunk bed and making yourself a secret fort.

The best way to feel the nostalgia of our youth than using ordinary household stuff and building it up into a fantasy garrison.


Steps To Make A Bunk Bed Fort

So, how to make a bunk bed fort?


Step #1. Planning the fortress

Now, a fort is something entirely based off on your imagination.

Although all forts have several similarities, keep in mind that your fort is what you want it to be.

No matter how complicated or extra, as long as you’re capable, then go for it!

We can’t precisely build our fortress without a plan.

In building things, it is always essential to have some blueprint first.

Use your imagination to visualize what you want to see in your fort.

You may use a mental image or pieces of paper. Identify the things you need.

If you do not know how to start, here are the basics of building a fort.

It is a small room-like structure made on the bunk of the bed.

You can use a blanket to serve as the gate of your fortress or leave it open.

Its inside is almost always filled with pillows and blankets with other necessities you may want to include.

Keep in mind that bunk beds are not the widest of spaces, so that the area may be limited.

Therefore, choose the things you want to include carefully.


Step #2. Gathering the tools

Now that we’ve gotten a visual of what we’re trying to accomplish, it’s time to get all the props we need.

We may need a curtain to act as a door and shield us from possible fort intruders. A blanket may also be a good alternative.

Some clothing pins as well. Make sure to choose durable ones.

If pins are not available, you may use any option so long as they stick the blanket to the bed.

Ah, of course, since this is a bunk bed fort, never forget that you need a bunk bed in the first place. If you have a wide one, that’s great!

But if you have a small one, do not worry! You won’t be left out. A smaller bunk bed is still enjoyable.

Prepare a humongous amount of pillows. The more, the better. Don’t forget to include blankets, as well.

If your bunk bed doesn’t have a mattress yet and some sheets, bring some over. A soft fort is more comfortable.

Bring a couple of books or toys or anything that you need for hobbies. Forts are amazing, but you may get bored just sitting around.

So instead, you can place your laptop to watch movies, snacks, and game cards or boards to play with, like monopoly!

Pack a container. As much as possible, use a tightly sealed container that can store some food.

Treats are essential for the fort. No member shall go hungry on its premises.

Therefore, choose some biscuits or candies as well as some water to stay hydrated.

If you still have room for more, you’re welcome to bring additional stuff that you feel will make your fort more enjoyable.


Step #3. Setting the structure

We will now be starting to make the foundation of the secret bunk.

Now, the bunk has many openings, and we cannot allow anyone to infiltrate our fort.

Therefore, it is essential to cover every one of these.

Take your blanket or curtain or any wide cloth. Arrange them in a clean position that covers all the openings.

Stick them onto the bed using a clothing pin or thumbtacks and secure them tightly, making sure they are no longer moving.

Next, move the cloth around the bed, repeating this process until all the exposed sides have been covered.

When the end of the cloth reaches back towhee where it started, take another pin and attach the last onto the bed but allow a loose section of the fabric.

Do not secure it tightly. Allow the fabric to move, for this will be your entrance.


Step #4. Piecing everything together

Enter your secret fort. You may install some source of light like a small lamp to allow some brightness.

If the bunk does not have a mattress and sheet, place those first.

Then, arrange the pillows in the way you want them to. Place them together.

The blankets will also go where you want them to, whether folded neatly or sprawled all over the bed.

Take your books and place them in a corner. If there is a flat area near the bed, make it your bookshelf.

The food stock will go under the bunk to be saved for emergencies (a.k.a. every time you get hungry).

For the necessities, you can decide where you want to place them. Step aside and check if everything is how you want it to be.

Fix and alter some things here and there.

Here are some more steps to build a fort.



Forts are for all ages. If you feel like having fun, this is the perfect activity for you.

You will not only de-stress, but you also made yourself a place to go into when you feel like it—some solace.

We hope you had fun creating your fortress and even more fun inside it.

That is how to make a bunk bed fort. Enjoy!

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