How To Fix A Squeaky Bed? In 5 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to fix a squeaky bed? Why is my bed squeaky?

You’re probably thinking the same as me like the leg must be loose or something.

how to fix a squeaky bed

Have you ever tried sleeping in a squeaky bed? Yes, the one with a scary sound every toss and turn in the evening?

If you have, you must be feeling the same exhaustion like I did when my bed was still broken.

I mean who wouldn’t get irritated if you can’t get your well-deserved rest in the middle of the night?

One way to solve your problem is to find out why this thing happens. In doing so, you should find possible causes.

Change your pajamas into working clothes since we’re going to fix that squeaky problem of yours.


Steps To Fix A Squeaky Bed

When you toss and turn during the night, you’re probably thinking how to fix a squeaky bed.

I mean who could sleep on a squeaky bed? Well, not me.

So I’ve charted some reasons why does this happens and the probable solution for it.

Go through these steps to avoid being unorganized and to make sure to cover all possible causes:


Step #1. Separate the bed items

The first thing to do is to separate the bed’s components starting from the mattress down to your bed’s hard wares.


Step #2. Find the cause and act

Find where the problem comes from.

The problem might come from the mattress, the bedframe, or the hard wares attached to your bed.



Before you try to toss everything away out of anger, try checking your mattress first.

Although mattresses rarely have squeaky sounds on them.

Mattresses that have squeakily noise usually are hybrid mattresses.

Foam mattresses don’t make any squeaky noise, don’t they?

Or have you ever hear airbeds make squeaky sounds before? I believe they don’t.

So if you have a hybrid type of mattress, check it out.

Put them on the floor and try to jump on it or let the kids do it.

Try to observe if you can hear the squeaky noise before.

If you do, check the warranty of your mattress if you could still arrange a replacement for it.

Some companies have lifetime warranties but some don’t.

If your mattress belongs to the expired warranty, I’m sorry to break it to you but you will have to get a new one.

If you still can’t hear the squeaky sound, then let’s go to the next one.



The box spring is the most common source of the squeaking sound.

Just like what you did with the mattress, try walking on top of the box spring if there is a sound.

If you do hear a noise coming out of it, it must be an old model or some wood rubbing at each other.

I recommend having a new spring installed.

There are tons of available choices to choose from.

If you still don’t hear any squeaky sounds coming out of it, then let’s proceed with the next one.


Bed frame

After checking the box spring, check the bed frame next.

You could start by checking each corner by applying pressure on them.

You could also shake them up a bit especially on all four sides. Shake the headboard and the bottom bases too.

If you have those noises coming from the bed frame, here are some options for you to deal with it.


Bed Feet

The noise could be coming with your bed feet too. The footing of your bed might be loose or are uneven causing the bed to rock.

Try getting some furniture pads sale online or use old socks as a temporary solution.

The floorboards located under your bed may be uneven. Try checking those while you’re at it.

Place a towel or rag underneath if you think that the bed leg is the one that makes the squeaky noise.

Another option for you is to reorganize your room. Try changing the bed’s place in your room.

Doing such a thing might solve your problem.


Step #3. Tighten up

If your bed frame has metal wares and screws attached to it, you want to tighten these screws up.

It’s the loose screws that are probably creating the squeaky sound.

You could use some screwdrivers, wrenches, or bolts.

You can also try adding some washers in to keep the screws tighter.


Step #4. Lubricate

Sometimes, the parts tend to get rusty and all you’ll ever going need is a little lubrication.

Try adding some WD40 or some beeswax to the parts that you think are tighter than what they should be.

You could buy these at the nearest hardware store in your area or get one ordered online.


Step #5. Add some paddings

Your bed may have slats that create the problem. You can solve this using your old mismatched socks or t-shirt.

Adding these will create a barrier between the mattress and your bed frame.

It will lessen the friction your bed experiences when you sleep on them.

Some of this friction may scratch your floors and I know nobody wants that.

You can also opt to use cork to fill the empty spaces between the bed frames.



No more thoughts about how to fix a squeaky bed.

Remember the following steps; separate, locate, and act.

After you’ve solved the problem, say goodbye to the annoying squeaky nightmare and hello to a great night’s sleep.