How To Dye A Leather Chair In 3 Easy Steps For DIY Beginners

Leather dyeing is not an inborn skill that everyone possesses, so come and learn how to dye a leather chair in three easy steps and make the art of leather dyeing one of your many skills.

Fading and color loss is a process that will always be present in our leather chairs due to friction and natural weathering of the leather material that is utilized in producing our chairs. Instead of buying a new one, having the knowledge and the skill on the know-hows of leather dyeing can make a massive difference in money-saving for you.

how to dye a leather chair

What are you waiting for? Come and let’s use this opportunity and time to learn the art of dyeing leather chairs.


Dyeing Leather Chairs

Leather dyeing might not be your forte, but follow these steps, and you’ll be dyeing your leather chairs like a pro.


Step #1. Preparation

In dyeing, a leather chair first and foremost comes the preparation. Preparation mainly involves preparing materials involved, such as the dyeing material, protective equipment, and ensuring that the workplace is appropriately and well-ventilated.

Ensure to clean the leather chair’s surface beforehand, ridding wax and dust build up on the surface. After cleaning, damp the leather chair’s surface.

You could use bleaching agents in doing this. It would allow you to apply the dye solution better and evenly.


Step #2. Dyeing process

The next step that you must undertake is to start the dyeing process. Apply the dye solution on the surface thoroughly in a small circular motion.

Make sure to wear plastic or rubber gloves when applying the dye solution. Try to apply multiple thin coats to help you get an even color and allow the dye to dry much faster.

Try flexing the leather while applying the dye solution to ensure no surface is left unapplied, and this also helps the leather retain its flexibility after drying.


Step #3. Finishing touches

After applying the dye solution, let it dry off for a couple of hours at least. Once it’s dry, you could opt for using a leather sealant.

This would help you preserve the dye coating you worked on earlier. After the dyed has dried or the sealant application, polish your leather chair with a cloth or a clean rag to achieve that posh and shiny look for your newly dyed leather chair.


Is it safe to dye leathers?

Yes, it is. Leather materials are typically designed for dyeing processes for better presentation, which would also help you preserve the leather surface. Leather dyeing also helps restore that vibrant look of your old leathers, making them look great and perfect for any occasion to come.

Dyeing leather materials is much more cost-effective than buying a new one. Of course, when attempting to dye a leather material, you must also consider the type of dye to apply to the leather of your choice to achieve the most desired effect.


What are the best dyes for leather chairs?

There are various leather dyes out there, but what is the best dye for you to use for your leather chair? To attain your best-desired outcome, you must know the appropriate dye solution that must be suitable for the leather chair that you are thinking of dyeing, as well as the color scheme where you are thinking of placing your chair afterward.

Leather chairs are subjected to frequent usage and therefore undergo a lot of friction. This could easily scrape off and damage the leather resulting in color degradation, producing a dull look of your leather. With these in mind, let us see what type of leather dye is suitable for your needs.

Several dye types are available in the commercial market, and most of them fall into these categories — alcohol-based, oil-based, and water-based dyes. Alcohol-based dyes have deep color penetration in the leather and make the leather somewhat rough and dry as the moisture dries off along with the alcohol.

Water-based dyes do not have a deep penetration of color when applied and are not as vibrant as alcohol and oil-based dyes, but are much safer due to more minor chemical components. Oil-based dyes, just like alcohol-based dyes, have deep color penetration and are vibrant but helps the leather retain moisture leaving it smooth to touch.

If you are thinking of having vibrant, eye-pleasing, and smooth-to-touch leather chairs, it’s highly suggested to use an oil-based dye to attain a superb effect on the leather material. However, if you like rustic yet robust-looking furniture or leather material, then alcohol-based dyes are perfect for you. If the family’s safety is much of your concern, water-based dyes are the ones you should be looking out for.



There are several ways and procedures on how to dye a leather chair, but most of them are mainly composed of the three easy steps presented. Bear in mind that it may take time to master the art of dyeing your leather chairs. Always remember to choose the suitable color and the quality of the material wisely to achieve your most desired outcome for your leather chair.

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