Easy 5-Step Beginner Tutorial On How To Repair Cane Chair

As much as we love cane chairs for home decorations, one major letdown of this furniture is that it breaks easily. Learning how to repair cane chair can help you save more money than buying new ones every time. You have to make sure that you take correct measurements, and it can also help with adding allowances for readjustment purposes.

Fixing your furniture will also be beneficial for the environment. Furniture restoration reduces your carbon footprint and helps the world to have a sustainable and cleaner future.

how to repair cane chair

Keep on reading as we present you with a step-by-step tutorial on how to restore your cane chair in no time!


What Is A Cane Chair?

A cane chair is made from interlaced cane strips, a type of material from the outer layer skin of a rattan stalk. It is a type of cane furniture which has been used for thousands of years. It was first used for basket weaving to shield, and later on, evolved into furniture.

What’s great about cane chairs is that they are incredibly lightweight and can prevent germs or bacteria from growing. This recliner also offers a variety of beautiful designs ranging from different weaving patterns and sizes! Read here to know more about the advantages of cane furniture and why you should get one for yourself!


How To Fix A Cane Chair 


Step #1. Assess your chair 

Before you begin repairing your cane chair, kindly put it first on a carpet or something where it won’t skid around while you’re working on it. Please take a closer look at the recliner and inspect the area that needs fixing.

It would also help if you write down and plan what you need to do next. Doing this will guide you on the things you need to focus on.


Step #2. Take proper measurements 

When you have a solid plan and outline ready, it’s now time to take measurements. Take your trusty measuring tape, then get the length and width of the seat. You can also refer to the old cane sheets to know how big the canes should be.

Just a pro-tip, take a few extra inches when measuring the seat. This way, you’ll have enough materials later on.


Step #3. Remove the old cane 

Now that you have your measurements let’s start repairing your cane chair by carefully removing the old sheets using a utility knife and a chisel. Avoid chipping the wood surrounding the seat to prevent further damages.

However, if the seat was set by a hidden adhesive, make a solution out of equal parts of clean water and white vinegar. Then, apply it to the sides and let it soak for some hours. This mixture will help loosen the cane.


Step #4. Prepare your new cane sheets 

When preparing the replacement cane sheets, it’s important first to check what style you prefer. Ask yourself whether you like something new or you still love the old pattern of your cane chair. Once you have your new cane webbing, soak it first into warm water for an hour and let it air dry after.

Then, get your shears and cut your new cane sheets according to your measurements. Also, you can lay it on top of the old one. This will give you an idea of how big it should be.


Step #5. Attach the new cane 

The last step is just carefully putting the new sheet over the seat of the chair. Ensure that everything is aligned and straight. You won’t want a weak and wonky-looking recliner, would you?

We know that this step can be a bit strenuous. However, be careful about pushing the new webbing back in as it can ruin the new cane sheets.


How To Make Furniture Last Longer

If you know how to make your stuff last longer, you are more likely to save some money. Not everything has to be replaced! With the right cleaning process and products, you’ll surely get the most out of the money you spent on your furniture.

The first tip is to make a cleaning schedule. This will help you to get rid of dust or grime that might have accumulated on your furniture. Avoid the bad habit of cleaning your chairs and tables only when you see visible dirt.

It would also be best if you only use some warm water and soap to wipe down your furniture, especially with cane chairs. Although cleaning products are not bad, some chemicals are not meant to be used with wood-based furnishings. If you’re going to use cleaning solutions, make sure that it only contains gentle ingredients.



Knowing how to repair cane chair is easy when you have the correct information on how to do it. Remember to pick high-quality cane sheets and always take proper measurements. As said earlier, make extra inches when measuring the seat panels.

The trends in interior design are constantly changing. What better way to adapt to these trends by reworking what you already have and turning them into something more fun and up to date. You don’t only save money, but you also learn valuable skills afterwards!

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