12 DIY on How to Make a Wooden Recliner Chair

Wooden recliner chairs are a great way to make the most of your outdoor space. Another benefit is that they are relatively easy to build! All you need is lumber, screws, and tools like a saw or drill.

The next steps in how to make a wooden recliner chair will show how simple it can be:

How to Make a Wooden Recliner Chair


Steps on Making a Wooden Recliner Chair

Step 1. Cut the pieces for the backrest and armrests out of 2×4 lumber using a table saw

Step 2. Drill holes at each end of every piece for attaching them with two 1/4-inch wood screws

Step 3. Square up one end of each backrest by measuring 3 inches from either side (the width), then measure 9 inches down from either side (the length), and use a carpenter’s square. Cut two pieces of lumber down into 12″ lengths and drill holes at each end of every piece, just like with the backrest and armrest s

Step 4. Square up one end of each leg by measuring an inch from either side (the width), then measure 11 inches down from either side and use a carpenter’s square.

Step 5. Cut two pieces of lumber into lengths that are 18″ wide and long enough to be the length of the bottom board on the chair. Drill holes at each end of every piece.

Step 6. Line the top board on the chair up with this bottom board, drill two holes in each corner where they intersect. The thick part is how far into the bottom board the top board should go, and how far it sticks out of

Step 7. Drill a hole in one end of each leg where they meet this lower front edge. Cut two pieces of lumber into lengths so that they are long enough to be just shorter than the height from the lower front edge to the upper back corner on each piece

Step 8. Hammer the pieces of lumber into these holes so that they make a right angle, then drill two more holes and hammer them in.

Drill two more holes on the other side of each leg where it meets this back edge, about four inches from either end. Cut another piece of lumber as long as how high you want your chair to be, and drill two more holes in the front edge of this piece.

Step 9. Push these pieces into the legs so that they go through both leg’s holes on either side. Drill pilot holes straight down from each end of your new crossbar. Screw it into place with screws about one inch apart all around its perimeter.

Step 10. Drill pilot holes at the top of each leg, then screw in screws to attach them. Cut two more pieces of lumber as long as how wide you want your chair’s seat to be and nail or screw these into place on either side of your crossbar so that they form a rectangle with square corners.

If desired, attach something underneath as support for when it’s in recline mode.

Step 11. Mark how long you want the width of your seat to be. Cut a straight line down from how far away from one end you want it, how deep into how wide you cut at the top. You may need to make another mark how high up on how the side of your chair’s back where it meets with how the side of how seat.

Step 12. Cut off how another end, how much you want to recline the chair, and how long for how wide it’s going to be when folded or unfolded.


How to Prevent Damage on a Recliner Chair

If you are not planning on getting a cover, one way to prevent scuffs and dirt is by using felt or another fabric that can be easily wiped down. This will also help prolong how long the chair lasts!


How to Make Your Own Recliner Chair Cover

Tying off your recliner covers with knots can create a neat and clean look. You can also choose to use a variety of fabrics, colors, or patterns for how you want your chair cover to look!


How to Save Money on a Recliner Chair

A great way to save money is by using different materials that are more affordable like plywood rather than expensive hardwoods. The only downside is that plywood can buckle and warp over time.


How to Vacuum A Dirty Recliner Chair

One of the best ways to clean your recliner chair is by using a handheld vacuum cleaner. It will remove hair, dirt, and dust from both upholstery and fabric filling.


How to Remove Stain on a Recliner Chair

To remove a stain on the upholstery of your recliner chair, use white vinegar as it can neutralize colors and break down stains.


How to Create Recliner Chair Pads

Extra padding is always welcome for how you want your chair to feel! It’s also important to have some kind of protection between yourself and the chair, which is why you want to make sure that the fabric on your recliner is protected.


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