How To Dry Clothes Fast With A Hair Dryer? 2 Best Methods!

How to dry clothes fast with a hair dryer? It follows the first method of providing space for drying the clothes indoors and blow-drying the garment surface, and the second method of using a hair dryer to dry the clothes is easy. However, your home needs a clothesline, so select one suited to your needs.

Avoiding a few mistakes is likewise essential to benefit more from hair dryer use. Keep the device’s rotation to the garment and change the spots after several seconds. Being extra cautious is also a must to do to get good results. This is just an overview, so you better read further!

How to dry clothes fast with a hair dryer


First Method To Dry Clothes Fast With A Hair Dryer

So, how to dry clothes fast with a hair dryer? Here is the first method of drying clothes in a completely-aired space—Dry the clothes indoors, which is a perfect and straightforward method to consider.

  • Wring the wet cloth out, allowing the moisture to go;
  • Get hold of the hairdryer, & set it at a warm or high setting;
  • Lay the cloth flatly on a clean and dry surface;
  • Get a hold of the hair dryer next to the garment;
  • Dry the cloth on one side with the frequent giving of warm air onto it;
  • Blow its surface dry from one section to another, inside and out. Continue from the back going to the front until it is dry; and
  • Focus also on the collars, pockets, and sleeves. Air them dry entirely on the inside and outside.


Second Method To Dry Clothes Fast With A Hair Dryer

Follow this second method in drying clothes fast with a hairdryer as it’s just relatively easy. Prepare some clothesline at home and with one suited to your needs.

  • Wring out wet cloth to allow excess moisture to go;
  • Hang the fabric upon the stand or clothesline;
  • Plug the hairdryer in and place it at a high-temperature type of setting;
  • Get a hold of the hairdryer up to the garment in a distance of two inches;
  • Turn the hairdryer on while it’s motioned to the spots;
  • Follow this method in drying the entire garment or in wetting a place on it; and
  • Move the hairdryer and change the areas from one to another. Do this to dry the whole cloth accurately.


Mistakes That You Must Avoid When Drying Clothes

Below are the mistakes that you must avoid when drying some clothes. 

  • Avoid pointing a hairdryer on the single section for more extended hours as this turns the garment to become completely hot, catching fire or burning it more. Instead, rotate the garment & change the areas after a few seconds.
  • Never dry the garment while you’re wearing it. It is tempting to dry a wet area on the garment. But, consider taking the cloth off first. Then, take the fabric off and flatten it. Next, blow it dry with a hairdryer. Because if not, the air might not flow through freely. It’ll take some hours to dry. Heat also burns in upon applying a hairdryer to your skin at a high setting.
  • Never hold the hairdryer near the garment when drying it in a high-temperature setting. If so, an excess amount of heat is to apply to the garment. Thus, it may later bring damage to the fabric. Instead, take hold of the device a few inches away from the garment while drying it with a hairdryer.
  • Dry a garment with a hairdryer but do not apply excess heat. These garments can include underwear, a lacy bra, stockings, pantyhose, and more. Apply excessive heat on lacy clothes and wait for further damage after. Experts suggest drying garments without turning off the heat. Instead, run the hairdryer in a relaxed setting. Allow the fabric to get dry with air and not with heat.

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Things To Remember When You Dry Clothes Fast With A Hair Dryer

Below are the things to remember when drying clothes fast with a hairdryer:

  • Hairdryer makes a valuable tool not only for the hair but for clothes;
  • Dry the wet clothes with a hairdryer. It does convert water into steam & evaporate it into the air. Clothes are ready to be worn;
  • This method of using a hairdryer helps dry clothes if there is no airy or ventilated place;
  • Wring the shirt properly to remove excess water;
  • Plug the hairdryer in a switch and then turn the device. Set the dryer at its high temperature;
  • Place the wet garment flatly like on a table;
  • Get a hold of the dryer next to the garment. Begin to dry the shirt;
  • Begin with one section first after you dry it off gradually;
  • Dry one part and continue with the other part;
  • Dry the garment slowly from the back until the front, and continue inside and then outside; and
  • Dry the collars, pockets, and sleeves from the inside and outside.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn How to dry clothes fast with a hair dryer with the two methods mentioned. Also, keep the things to remember in mind to avoid hassle along the way. Avoid mistakes further to avoid inconvenience in using a hairdryer to dry your clothes. It’s best to also know how to melt the crayons with a hair dryer and how to get the wax out of carpet with hair dryer.

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