What Is A Tourmaline Hair Dryer? 4 Top Picks!

What is a Tourmaline hair dryer? A hair dryer emits negative-charged ions, and infrared heat breaks down positively charged molecules. After turning the device on, the hairdryer releases a steady flow of ions and infrared heat, drying up the hair entirely as this brings out a gentler form of heat on the hair while styling. Plus, it emits a less frizzy and shinier finish.

What’s more, it promises the hair to stay still despite higher heat levels with no damage.

What is a Tourmaline hair dryer

The Tourmaline hairdryer is a better option than others considering it is the lightest and the quietest of all dryers. When it comes to value and performance, nothing can compare to a Tourmaline hair dryer following the length, hair condition, texture, and thickness. There is so much more to learn, so it’s best to dig into this article further!


Understanding First The Tourmaline

So, what is a Tourmaline hair dryer? Tourmaline can release negative ions for being a semi-precious type of mineral. It is essential when you dry your hair. The quantity of the mineral used in a hairdryer varies. Other manufacturers would break it down into small particles and mold them into an internal hairdryer. Makers sometimes coat the hairdryer interior with Tourmaline. Some up-market dryers utilize Tourmaline right outside the dryer coating.


Knowing If Tourmaline Hair Dryer Is Better As Compared To Others

The regular hair dryer tends to utilize hot air when drying, which can be damaging. Excessive amounts of heat result in split hair ends and more issues. But Tourmaline hair dryers use infrared heat, which is safer. Plus, negative ions help dry the hair even faster.

More importantly, Tourmaline hair dryers only spend less time drying hair thoroughly. It is indeed safer, making it a better choice over others. The best option will always be a Tourmaline dryer when you style your hair. There’s a particular Tourmaline hair dryer available today. The infrared heat and ions in massive amounts do not damage the hair. In addition to that, this hair dryer type does not allow frizz.


Similarity Between Tourmaline And Ionic Hair Dryer

Tourmaline and ionic hairdryer are somehow different. The latter utilizes a negative form of ions when drying up the hair. It also shrinks the droplets of water onto the hair to retain moisture coming from water. As with a non-ionic hairdryer, it diffuses some positive ions causing cuticle cover to the hair and thus resulting in frizzy hair. The Tourmaline hairdryer releases negative ions and infrared heat. The said combination dries the hair up to forty percent more quickly than the standard hairdryer. That’s why the Tourmaline is costly due to its components. You may also want to read about what does ionic hair dryer mean and the magic of an ionic hair dryer


Tourmaline Hair Dryer Suitable For A Fine Hair

When you aim to prevent frizzy hair, a Tourmaline dryer is an excellent way to go. Especially if your fine hair is dry, the Tourmaline dryer makes a good choice. The Tourmaline soothing effect leaves the hair flatly while encouraging the oil to move through the strands for limp or oily hair.


Top Picks To Consider For Tourmaline Hair Dryer

Here are the chosen picks for a Tourmaline hairdryer to purchase on the market.


#1. BaBylissPRO TT Tourmaline

This ultra-lightweight Tourmaline hairdryer construction has six heat or speed setting switch types that ensure ease of styling and comfortable handling. It features a high-torque type of 1900 watt motor, giving it an incredible drying form of power. It may also be a good idea to read about what is the best blow dryer for black hair.


#2. X5 Superlightweight Tourmaline

This Tourmaline hair dryer features a folding handle while it is easy to pack. Its dual purpose of voltage feature makes it extraordinary. There’s a diffuser and concentrator for styling and drying as this is indeed a high-output form of hair dryer that dries the hair quickly.


#3. Dyson Supersonic

While this may seem the most costly, it is lightweight and quiet. The handle is where motor placement will be seen. Thus, this makes the distribution of weight better and more comfortable for drying the hair. It is also indeed quieter than other dryers.

The “Air Multiplier” type of technology creates a high-velocity and high-pressure air stream. It consists of magnetic attachments like a styling concentrator and a smoothing nozzle. Actually, both help focus on the airflow, while the diffuser best defines waves and curls. So far, this has got scarce reviews for being expensive. So, preventing heat damage with the Dyson Supersonic is good as it promises a fast-drying experience. It is balanced and lightweight, making it an incredible option.


#4. Rusk Engineering Professional 2000

Reduce hair drying time using Rusk Engineering Professional 2000, which emits infrared heat penetrating the hair. The product is suitable for salon use in that it works perfectly with thick hair. It comes with seven heat and speed settings and also a shock-proof feature.


It’s A Wrap!

Now, you learn what is a Tourmaline hair dryer is, which is indeed a sensible choice. Include the possible Tourmaline hair dryer options that bring out remarkable results in your lists. Keep in mind its similarity with the ionic dryer even though Tourmaline hair dryer is preferred by many. Plus, it is a choice suitable for more delicate hair! Don’t doubt the Tourmaline hair dryer for its efficient results that compare no other to get the most value from your money!

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