How To Dry Your Clothes Fast Without A Dryer? 7 Surprising Ways!

How to dry your clothes fast without a dryer? Follow the different methods like hanging the clothes dry, wringing the clothes out in a high form of spin setting, using a hairdryer, rolling the clothes to form into a towel, using the towel and iron trick, drying the clothes strategically, and drying tiny clothing articles in the oven.

Get laundry tasks done and do not put them off for a long time. If not, it might cost you more time than expected. 

How to dry your clothes fast without a dryer

Even if you have no dryer at home, you’ll still appreciate the benefits of living without it. It saves you energy and dries clothes quickly. Thus, this reduces the carbon footprint while keeping room in a small apartment. My friends, there are more things that you should know, so without further ado, let’s start!


Ways To Dry Your Clothes Fast Without A Dryer

So, how to dry your clothes fast without a dryer? Here are the strategic and quick methods for drying clothes fast without a dryer:


#1. Using a hairdryer

Hairdryer use is an intensive and quick way of drying clothes fast as this can do the trick as you wrung out all clothes. Lay them flatly on a surface. Get a hold of the hairdryer alongside clothing. Dry it from one spot to another with warm or hot air. Get the garment rotated more frequently. Dry it entirely from the inside and the outside. 

A hairdryer will always be the best bet when drying clothes with no dryer. Just hang the clothes using a coat hanger before you dry them. Then, move the hairdryer through the clothes’ surface. However, do not set the hairdryer at a high setting, damaging the fibers. It also causes shrinkage to the clothing. Plus, never keep the hairdryer on a section for quite long as it hurts the fabric. Make use of salad spinners for small items like underwear and socks. The motion created imitates the tumble dryer.


#2. Drying the clothes strategically

Shake out the garments whether you will use a dry rack or not. Lay or hang them neatly, thus avoiding wrinkles. It might take hours for crumpled clothes to dry. Set up the hanging clothes or drying rack next to a heat source such as a fireplace, sunny window, furnace, or radiator that dry the clothes fast. Remember not to drape the clothes onto a heat source that makes it hazardous.


#3. Rolling the clothes in a towel

Dry the clothes by rolling the clothes in a towel that does absorb water. Lay the clothing above the fluffy and large towel. Roll the clothes up neatly. Begin at one end and then, roll the clothing article up until you twist the towel.


#4. Hanging the clothes until they dry

Apartments do not allow hanging the clothes dry. So, let some space indoors to get all those clothes dry. Invest in the drying rack hanging or folding up on the wall for ease of storage. Get creative and then turn the clothes around the house, such as the door frame, & shower rod. Lay them flatly on the towel. Allow good airflow to keep windows open. Turn the fan loose to prevent a musty smell or humidity in the home. It requires two to four hours to completely air dry clothes outside or even next to a sunny window. A light breeze is coming. Nonetheless, the time required to dry the clothes relies on factors like size, material, & drying environment. Clothes may require strict drying indoors for an hour up to twenty-four hours.


#5.  Drying tiny clothing in an oven

Dry your tiny clothes in an oven. Clothing such as underwear or socks is suitable for this method. It takes up an hour until they fully get dry. Give this a shot and preheat the oven to one-hundred degrees. Place the small items on the baking sheet. After you heat the oven, turn the device off. Place the sheet inside the range. This method may not be suitable for an oven but wrings out the clothing. This way, it will not soak wet when you place it in an oven. Know if you can dry clothes in the oven.


#6. Turning the fan on

Turning the fan on to effectively dry clothes is essential as this makes an excellent alternative instead of using a dryer. Plus, this does help move the moisture throughout the air and not from the clothing. It is the same as hanging the laundry out of your home.


#7. Drying clothes on the radiator

Dry clothes appropriately using a radiator, but ensure not to hang them straight. Hang them right above a drying shelf or a radiator alongside the radiator. Doing so allows them to get proper ventilation while you’re drying the clothes, thus preventing clothing smell.


Other Tips In Drying Your Clothes

Check out these other tips on drying clothes quickly with no dryer.

  • Place the laundry in that extra rinse & spin cycle.
  • Never overfill the washing machine because clothes do not wash appropriately. They need re-wash that takes long hours to dry them.
  • Wringing clothes out before finally drying leaves clothes w/ more creases. Be extra prepared with ironing them after they get dry.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how to dry your clothes fast without a dryer. Be savvy as you dry those clothes fast with the following methods mentioned. The drying tasks are no longer stressful because of the suggestions. Complete the laundry tasks right away in the proper way possible! It may also be a good idea to read about how to dry your clothes fast without a dryer and how to shrink jeans without dryer

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