How To Dismantle A Sofa Recliner: 4 Quick Steps

If you’re unsure how to dismantle a sofa recliner, consider reading these four steps. In this tutorial, we will teach the dismantling process that makes reassembly easier. We have also included another way to deconstruct the furniture’s back with the help of its levers. 

However, it will always be best to check the manual of your sofa recliner to understand its parts better. This way, you don’t risk damaging any parts or mechanisms. We also recommend reading this guide on how to disassemble a Lazy Boy recliner sofa if you have such a brand. 

How To Dismantle A Sofa Recliner


How To Dismantle A Sofa Recliner At Home

This four-step tutorial is applicable for most sofa recliners, and it’s ideal for those who want to reassemble the furniture eventually. 


Step 1. Document the disassembly

Take pictures as you go through the dismantling of the sofa recliner. This will help you remember how the parts attach for quicker reassembly later. You can even document each step, so you have something to follow for reinstalling the furniture. 


Step 2. Separate the parts accordingly

Another helpful tip that you shouldn’t overlook when dismantling a sofa recliner is the proper segregation of each part. Use several bags for organizing the smaller pieces, such as bolts, screws, nuts, washers, and other hardware. Then, label each bag to help you know which section of the sofa recliner uses them. 


Step 3. Remove the base bars

Flip your sofa recliner to help you find the bars at the base. Generally, recliners can have up to three base bars that use screws. Unfasten them using the right tool, such as a Robertson screwdriver, if the recliner uses Robertson screws. 

Be careful once you start removing the last base bar because this will dismantle the recliner console and the seats. Have some help to keep the sofa intact, so the parts won’t roll away and cause issues. 


Step 4. Dismantle the rest of the sofa recliner

In some sofa recliners, you might also need to unlock some levers to detach the back and or seat. Some mechanisms can be as simple as sliding the parts of the furniture out of place. And that’s it; you should be finished with dismantling the sofa recliner quickly and safely. 


How Do You Remove The Back Of A Recliner Sofa?

Some models will come apart after your release the levers that lock the sections in place. Typically, releasing the locking levers is the applicable method to remove the back of a recliner sofa. 


  1. Tilt the sofa recliner to help you access its rear
  2. Lift the upholstery at the bottom and have the base of the furniture facing upward
  3. The inner frame should be easier to view, but some models might also require their back panel removed first
  4. You only need to unfasten this panel, depending on what secures the upholstery in place, such as snaps
  5. The recliner rear will have locking levers that attach each side of the seat, typically where the back and arm connects or between the console and seat
  6. Expose the locking lever by removing the fabric or reach through it if you can’t detach the upholstery
  7. Each lever is pointing downward, and you can release it by lifting
  8. This will dismantle the back of the sofa recliner 
  9. Return the furniture to its upright position to finish removing the other parts
  10. For the seat or seats, you only need to lift them outward

How Do You Take Apart An Ashley Recliner Sofa?

One of the bulkiest sofa recliners in the market is from Ashley Furniture. Therefore, it would be helpful to know how to take one apart if you want to transfer it from one place to another. 


  1. Be sure to unplug the Ashley recliner sofa if it uses features that require electricity, such as reclining and extending via buttons or remote
  2. Document each step of the disassembly to help you reinstall the recliner sofa later and prepare labeled bags according to each sofa section as you’re removing them
  3. Locate the lever underneath the seats or at the back of the couch
  4. You may also need to remove the back panel attached with Velcro to reveal the levers or slide your fingers within the seams at the back, depending on the type of Ashley recliner sofa you have
  5. Loosen the lever with a screwdriver if you can’t release it with ease
  6. Push the couch forward so you can easily access its back and study the mechanisms underneath the seats
  7. Remove the back and arms accordingly, which can be via levers or by unfastening screws and bolts with a wrench or a screwdriver
  8. Do the same for the ottoman, footrest, and meal base
  9. Work out the furniture arms by loosening the arm brackets and remove the other supporting hardware such as rails to help you remove the back smoothly 
  10. Detach the center console accordingly 



Knowing the best method to take apart a recliner is crucial for easy and safe furniture moving. In this tutorial, you have learned how to dismantle a sofa recliner, including specific models, such as those from Ashley furniture. 

You’re essentially tipping the furniture on its back to reveal the mechanisms underneath and then releasing the levers or removing the screws and/or bolts. Just remember to document each step and separate each piece accordingly. 

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