3 Easy Steps On How To Sit In A Kneeling Chair Comfortably

Knowing how to sit in a kneeling chair properly is very useful during working hours. It gives you comfort that will make you concentrate better on your work.

Through reading this article, you will know how to be comfortable with your kneeling chair. Is it okay to use it all day? What are the benefits of it?

how to sit in a kneeling chair

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How Do You Use A Kneeling Chair?


Step #1. Sit on the kneeling chair

Despite the adjustments, sitting on the kneeling chair is not difficult. First, you need to sit on the couch as if you are sitting on a regular chair. Then, carefully place your left or right shin on one of the knee cushions and place the other after that.

Note that you need to balance the weight of your body on the bottom. In this case, it helps you to make your body comfortable.


Step #2. Change positions over time

Sitting on a kneeling chair should not only be in one leg position. To avoid your muscles from getting stiff, try different variations of leg positions.

You can place one leg on the cushion and one on the floor, or you can alternate which leg is on the floor or not over time.


Step #3. Get off the kneeling chair

In getting off the kneeling chair, you only need to do the exact instructions while sitting on it, but in a reverse way. Place each of your feet on the floor, and carefully stand up.


Can You Sit In A Kneeling Chair All Day?

Using a kneeling chair for most of the day provides comfort. Nonetheless, you cannot completely sit on it all day. It can indeed be comfy, but it is not advisable to use it all alone.

It would help if you still alternated it with your regular office chair or a standing chair. Sitting on it the whole day will restrict your leg movements to the knee cushions. Alternating between the aforementioned chairs can promote flexibility.

It is entirely your choice if you want to alternate them every single hour or whenever you want. If you wish to correct your posture, you can use it longer than a standing chair. However, you should still take care of yourself and take a rest from using it every now and then.


Are Kneeling Chairs Good For You?

A kneeling chair provides a lot of benefits to someone who uses it. With that, the following are some of the advantages a kneeling chair can give.

  1. To people who are suffering from coccyx pain, a kneeling chair can be one of the ways to relieve the pain they have.
  2. The pelvis is slanted forward in kneeling chairs, and the spine maintains the proper alignment. However, it does not only help you in correcting your posture — it also contributes to digestion and improved breathing.
  3. A kneeling chair can help you control and balance your weight so that the pressure does not only go to one of your body parts only.
  4. Due to the absence of the back support in a kneeling chair, your core and your muscles tend to strengthen.
  5. Kneeling chairs can give you the freedom to adjust the height depending on how tall you are and how you want the angle to be.
  6. Aside from reducing the pain in your spine, this can also help you in circulation. Since your back is at a 90° position in a kneeling chair, it allows you to circulate blood more effectively, promoting a healthy distribution of oxygen and nutrients to your body.
  7. By reducing the pain you have in your back, you can focus more on what you are doing. Most people have struggles because they tend to slouch during work. However, with a kneeling chair, you don’t have to worry about this matter


How Comfortable Are Kneeling Chairs?

There are many adjustments that a person should overcome when it is their first time sitting in a kneeling chair. It does feel weird and uncomfortable at first, but a kneeling chair contributes a lot to a worker or a student’s daily life.

A kneeling chair allows you to be wide awake and active, for it forces you to keep your posture right every time. Also, since most kneeling chairs do not have a chair back, you can’t be slouching or hunching your back.

As time goes by, your body will eventually adapt to the adjustments to make you more comfortable with a kneeling chair. More than having a corrected posture, you can also have a lower chance of having back pain.



A kneeling chair can be a comfort for everyone. That is why knowing how to sit in a kneeling chair properly is essential for you to have more comfortable working hours.

Since you’ve reached the end of this article, you have learned how to use your kneeling chair and learned things about it. You can now try sitting on it comfortably and start doing your work!

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