How To Disconnect Water Line From Samsung French Door Fridge? 5 Easy Steps!

One of the things you need to know when you have water and ice dispensers in your fridge is how to disconnect water line from Samsung French door fridge. This water line is to provide your fridge dispensers enough water to make ice and also drinking water. But why should we learn how to disconnect it?

Whenever our water looks and tastes different, we need to clean the dispenser and the waterline.

how to disconnect water line from Samsung French door fridge

And also to temporarily stop the appliance from making ice. So, we disconnect it, but it only takes about five steps. So, even though you’re not a plumber, you can easily do it!Water dispensers make the fridge more convenient and a must-get product. You don’t need to place a pitcher inside the refrigerator or replace the frozen water in the ice tray. They can offer you everything you require promptly. But it’s necessary to have a water line and know how to utilize it.


Steps To Disconnect The Water Line Of A Samsung French Door Fridge

Some manuals usually dictate these steps for you, but it’s not that detailed enough to guide you every step. But don’t worry because that’s what we’re here for! Here are the steps on how to disconnect water line from Samsung French door fridge:


Step #1. Turn off the valve

If you’re unsure where the valve is, you can follow the waterline and see where it leads you. It’s usually under the sink, a hole in the wall, or under your basement. Next, examine your house and check where the line connects. You can directly turn the valve 90 degrees counterclockwise to block the water flow. This step is necessary, and we don’t want to flood out kitchen with water. So, make sure to seal the valve tightly.


Step #2. Locate where the two lines meet

The water line consists of two separate pipes or tubes. The other is either linked to the valve or comes from the main water supply. Meanwhile, the other one comes from your fridge, and the starting point is usually on the rear bottom of the refrigerator or in the back center.

It’s easier to locate where they meet if the lines have different colors. If not, you can find the pipe connector or fittings, which look like a small gold tube in the center of the pipes. And that is what we’re going to disconnect.


Step #3. Loosen the pipe fitting

We need to loosen the connector to make it easier to detach one end of the line later. This step is not that complex, but the fitting usually takes time and effort to unhitch. So, we’re going to need a wrench or pliers. When you already have your equipment, then we’re ready to unfasten these connectors.

If you chose a wrench, place the opening to the connector and adjust the gap to fit its size. And you can start turning it to the right side. For pliers, you need to hold the two handles and manually clip the connector.

Then, apply pressure while turning the connector in the correct direction. It should disconnect easily. But if you had your water line stayed like that for a couple of months untouched, then there might be some contaminants that clogged or pressure build-up. So, you can use a rubber mallet to apply force to the fixture.


Step #4. Disconnect

You might want to get a small container in case there is excess water inside the tubes. Then, place it beneath the connection of two lines. Some pipe connectors need to slide on one side to reveal the link. But some can allow you to disconnect the pipes without clearing the way.

Directly pull one tube away from the other one. It should detach easily.

However, if it’s still too tight, use your pliers and place them on the end of the tube near the connector.  This action can add pressure to one end and enable you to detach it easily. Once the pliers are in place, try pulling one tube again towards you. And it will disconnect suitably. If you think you applied too much force and might damage the components, you can call in a plumber.


Step #5. Unplug your fridge

If you want to clean your fridge, you should do this step to avoid consuming too much energy even though you’re not using the appliance. It’s also necessary to prevent electric shocks and other accidents. Also, this step is the last thing you should do if you’re about to replace your fridge with a new one. And you can organize the wires before moving the refrigerator.


Wrapping Up

And that is how to disconnect water line from Samsung French door fridge. Modern products of this brand have significantly evolved from its first creation. We suggest that you check and learn French door vs. side by side fridge category and its pros and cons. It might change your kitchen and your life.

Also, you won’t have a problem putting a large pitcher inside, thinking that it’s a waste of your money since the container won’t fit. Well, isn’t that the purpose of your water and ice dispensers?

Although, they need a safe and reliable water supply. We hope you gained a lot of information from this post. If you wish to check out some more, you can also learn something from this one about how you repair water-damaged drywall. See you again next time!

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