How To Get Dents Out Of Fridge Door? 4 Awesome Tricks!

Are you fixing your refrigerator dents and wanted to know how to get dents out of fridge door? To get the dents out of the fridge door, all you need to do is perform a plunger method, canned air duster method, dent tool kit method, or dry ice method. Of course, when you try something that does not work, you may always opt for another one. However, if none of these can fix the dents of your fridge door, consider replacing it with a new one.

Refrigerators are usually made with a sheet of metal for the outer part and polystyrene for the inner detail.

how to get dents out of fridge door

The reason why you get dents for your fridge door is that you have probably bumped an object onto it with a great force, causing it to be deformed. Moreover, metals are prone to dents wherein when a small thing hits them. It immediately gets dented.

Since we usually carry things, which you will place inside the fridge, we could not avoid hitting it while opening its door. So, if you got dents on your fridge door, read on as we teach you some nifty tricks to remove them. These tricks are easy to follow and convenient, especially if you do not wish to waste your money.


Tricks On How To Get The Dents Out Of Fridge Door

Dents on your fridge door could make the whole refrigerator look disorderly. In addition, they affect your fridge’s fresh and neat look, which urges you to fix it immediately.  On top of that, here are four awesome tricks how to get dents out of fridge door.


Trick #1. Blow dryer method

A blow dryer may be of great help because the heat can return the dented metal to its original state. Before you start fixing the dent of the fridge door, clean the dented area first to remove some dust using a clean, damp cloth that may slow down the process of repairing the dent.

Next, blow the hairdryer onto the dent to warm it up. You may wait for a few minutes until you see the dent flexes back to its normal position. Repeat it one more time if the dent does not go back to its normal state.

Please make sure not to overheat it while using the blow dryer; otherwise, the paint on your fridge door will melt.


Trick #2. Plunger method

First, have a clean and sanitized flat-edged plunger to be used to repair the dent on your fridge door. Next, spray some cleaning solution such as isopropyl alcohol on the dent you will fix.  That will ensure that the dent has a tight seal and will not break when setting it. Then, connect the rubber edge of your plunger to the dent of the fridge door.

Once you have connected it, push it in firmly to create a seal. After moving it in, pull the plunger’s handle towards you securely so that you will not break the seal that you have formed. Repeat the process until the dent pops out, which determines that you have fixed it or see how to fix a dented refrigerator door.


Trick #3. Canned air duster method

This method requires a canned air duster, which is usually used in cleaning the dust off from some tiny parts of a component, so avail yourself one if you do not have this. To begin with, clean the dent using a damped cloth of warm water and dry it thoroughly afterward. Then, shake your canned air duster container and spray it around the dent of your fridge door while holding it upside down.

After spraying it, wait for some time for the dent to pop out. The substance inside the canned air duster container warms the dent, which causes it to loosen up and be fixed, and makes it faster and easier to get it back because you heated it earlier. Repeat this method about two to three times if the dent does not pop out.


Trick #4. Dry ice method

As usual, clean the dent of the fridge door first to remove the dirt so you can repair the dent quickly. Then, wear gloves to protect your hands against the freezing coldness of the dry ice. Finally, wrap the dry ice with a soft cloth to protect the surface of your fridge door from any scratches that the frost may cause.

Wearing your gloves, apply the ice against the dent for a few minutes, then on the area around it for several minutes. Afterward, put away the dry ice and let it cool for a while. The dent will turn itself back to its undented condition because of the contraction caused by the coldness of the ice.



And those are the four tricks on how to get dents out of fridge door. These tricks require some patience and caution because you may damage your fridge door once you overdid it. So, follow the steps correctly to ensure that the entire surface of your fridge door is not damaged.

Lastly, if none of these tricks work, it is time for you to replace the fridge door with a new one. For more articles about fridges, you might want to stop by and read about fridge making noise when the door is closed.

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