How To Decorate Around A Window Air Conditioner! 5 Crazy Ideas!

Do you want to make your air conditioner look like a part of your bedroom décor and wonder, “how to decorate around a window air conditioner?” We have about five ideas for you! There are times when the way of cutting the square is not that clean and perfect enough.

So, it would look messy with all the gaps on the edges of your window AC. Also, some people would prefer not to make their air conditioner look visible. And they would find ways to make them camouflage into the wall of their room. This article will go through those ways and give you ideas on elevating your window air conditioner. So, stay tuned!


Tips To Decorate Around A Window AC Unit

Before decorating, you should consider many things that could help you put out a great idea. Some of these factors are the position and size of your AC. For example, it could be decorated in various ways if placed on a wall or a window.

But, if you don’t know where to start decorating or don’t have any creative ideas, we’re here to help you out. So, we have gathered some ideas and tips on how to decorate around a window air conditioner. And here they are:


Tip #1. Paint it

If any gaps exist on the sides and edges of your window AC, you should fill it in using flat paint or drywall mud, depending on your preferences. After that, you can paint those gap fillers the same color as your wall.

To make your unit blend in with your interior décor, you may wish to paint the outside panel of the air conditioner. Paint it the same color as your bedroom layout when it’s located on the floor or the ceiling.

But if it’s not, you can be creative! You can employ an artist to create something for you and make your AC unit look like a painting. And you can buy a vintage frame that could go with the artwork. It should fit the size of your AC unit. Or you can paint it plain using a complementary color.


Tip #2. Place it inside a bookcase

This tip is applicable if you don’t want it to be visible at all. But use this tip when your unit is on the wall and not on the floor. Consider the distance between the floor and the placement of your air conditioner.

You can buy a pre-made bookcase with a closed drawer on the top. Or you can have it customized for you. But you can also have the drawer open, without doors, so that you can make it look like a design or part of the shelf.

And it would be easy switching it on without the doors opening up while you sleep. Research for local furniture or upholstery shops that you can have your furniture designed for you. And make sure that its width fits the size of your AC. Depending on how you prefer it, the air conditioning shelf might be in the middle of the furniture. You may build a second shelf on top of it to hold books or a plant.


Tip #3. Use a curtain to cover it

Choose a thin fabric for your curtain so that it won’t block the air from circulating into the room. You may choose the size of the curtain. For example, you only want to cover the AC and not the entire window. Then it’s ideal if you go with the size of your unit plus a little more fabric. The curtain doesn’t have to be extravagant and could be simple.

If your room already has many patterns and designs, your curtain can be plain and look like the fabric is mesh and translucent. But the color should match your room, or it could be a color complementary to your layout. However, if your room looks plain, choose a curtain design with a darker color with various patterns.


Tip #4. Place a decorative wall panel

Wall panels have been popular these days because of how they could enhance your interior design. It’s available at any hardware shop. And it has a variety of designs and patterns. What a fantastic way to personalize your air conditioner! So, you can either put it as a frame on the sides of your unit. Or cover it up entirely.

Visit any stores near your area and find the design that works perfectly for you and your room. If you want it to work as a frame, you can cut it to the size you like and place it on your wall.


Tip #5. Use a wallpaper

This solution is the most common yet so challenging. Laying wallpaper in your whole room is so difficult. And it should have no folds but perfectly laid out wallpaper. Plus, you have to cover all corners and edges to make it clean and edgy.

So, if you decided to place wallpaper around your window AC, you also have to apply it to your whole room only if your room doesn’t have existing wallpaper. But you also have a choice not to. Instead, you can apply the wallpaper as a border of your unit. The design should match your bedroom layout and décor.



That concludes our collection of ideas for the article, “how to decorate around a window air conditioner.” You don’t have to follow our suggestions precisely. But you can enhance it on your own. What we’ve offered is only to give you an idea of what you can do. Be creative!

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