How Do You Clean An Air Conditioner Filter? 7 Basic Steps To Follow!

Have you just purchased your first air conditioner and wondered, “how do you clean an air conditioner filter?” Some of you might feel challenged if it’s your first time. But the steps are easy that you can do it every day.

You can do this even if your eyes are closed, kidding! Cleaning an air conditioner filter might vary in some ways depending on the type of AC, or you have your method of doing it. So, this article will provide various ways to clean your AC filter and the necessary steps you should remember. Continue reading!


Steps To Clean An Air Conditioner Filter

Some might ask if it’s essential to clean the filter as many times as possible. Our answer to that is yes. This procedure is crucial. Many of you would ask if you should do this every day. It’s not necessary, but it depends on you. Cleaning the filter would provide you a fresh air to breathe and circulate into your room. And you won’t get sick since it’s clean.

If you observe that the air from your air conditioner isn’t cool enough, there’s a problem with the filter. For example, assume a filter that hasn’t been cleaned in over five months and is completely coated with dust balls.

That could be the reason why the cold air could not pass through. And this could increase your electricity bills because of the power consumption. So, you should learn the following steps on how to clean it.


Steps On Cleaning The AC Filter

Cleaning your air conditioner filter may be done in several ways. Some brands and models include a disposable filter or an automatic cleaning feature. So, it’s normal to ask this question if you’re still not familiar with your equipment. The following are the steps we have gathered to answer your question, “How do you clean an air conditioner filter?”


Step #1. Read your manual

The brand should indicate in the manual some tips and reminders on how to clean the filter. It could also tell you if the filter can be disposed of and replaced. Or if the equipment has an automatic cleaning feature. You can also see in the manual other components in your AC that functions as a filter. However, you could not remove them easily, unlike the central filter.


Step #2. Turn off your air conditioner

Switch off your air conditioner. We also suggest that you unplug it from the main outlet. This step will prevent any electrical accidents if you wish to clean other surfaces of your AC with a damp cloth or spray it with a cleanser.

We recommend not to switch on your air conditioner until you’ve replaced the filter. The air flowing through might not be as clean as you thought it would be if there’s no filter attached.


Step #3. Prepare your materials

Click your front panel open. Remove the reusable filter from the air conditioner. Set it aside while you acquire the rest of the necessary items. The materials would depend on what cleaning method you would use, but we prefer to do them all to ensure that it’s ready to function again.

So, you would need a vacuum cleaner with brush attachments, a spray hose, cloth, soapy water, and others. You may wish to include other materials used for cleaning as long as it would not damage the screen from the filter.


Step #4. Vacuum the filter

If you prefer soaking the filter than vacuuming it, you can do so. Like for example, you do not have a vacuum. This step is to eliminate and lessen the amount of dirt accumulated in the filter before cleaning it. So, attach your preferred brush attachment to the nozzle and start with low power. You do not need to switch to high power since the dust is easy to remove.


Step #5. Clean it

To assure that there will be little to no dust particles left in the filter, we can clean it efficiently. There are several approaches to cleaning the filter, namely soaking it, wiping the screen with a damp cloth, or spraying it with a cleanser. So, you can choose from any of these three. But there’s no harm in performing all three.

Start by spraying your filter with a cleanser or detergent-water mixture. Then, soak your filter/s in the tub with soapy water. And wipe the filter gently using a damp cloth. Leave it to dry under the sun. Make sure that the surface where you placed it is not dirty or dusty.


Step #6. Wipe the unit

While waiting for the filter to completely dry, you should clean the outer surface of your AC unit. Wash your cloth in clean soapy water and wring the cloth to remove excess water. And to prevent it from dripping to your floor.

Wipe the surface of your unit and make sure to get a good wipe onto the corners and narrow edges. You may also wish to clean the heat exchanger or other components of your unit with a vacuum.


Step #7. Reinstall your filter

Do this step once your filter is thoroughly dried. It’s easy to insert the filter back to its place and make sure that it faces the right side. Close the front panel, and your task is done.



And that answers the question, “how do you clean an air conditioner filter?” Some techniques would vary depending on your AC brand, so make sure to check your manual. This procedure should be done twice a month for better air quality. And lower electricity bills. Thank you for reading, and visit us for more!

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