How To Check The Freon In A Home Air Conditioner? 6 Easy Methods!

Are you wondering how to check the freon in a home air conditioner? Worry not; this article will be uncovering that. Usually, there are six standard methods that you can check the freon on your air conditioner: the fan, filter, frost, sound, using soap, and electronic detectors. That’s it. You need to be careful in every method that I mentioned. So, without any disturbance, you may now read and enjoy the article below.


What Is The Freon Inside My Air Conditioner?

Freons are part of the chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) family of chemicals. These chemicals were considered harmful to the ozone layer. Freons are also called R-22. These were refrigerants patented by a person named Dupont.

Freon is a transparent gas that has been widely used in refrigeration, propulsion, and aerosol cans in the market. They can also be found on chest and upright freezers. Also, freons are used for commercial and industrial manufacturing appliances. Freon works as the air conditioners compress it, making it hot. The hot gas will then travel through the coils and cools down to a liquid.

The cold liquid will absorb the heat from the air, and with the fans in the air conditioner, deliver cold air inside the room. This cycle will be continuous as soon as the air conditioner starts operating in cooling your room.


Methods To Check The Freon In A Home Air Conditioner

I know that you want the answer to the question, “how to check the freon in a home air conditioner?” As a home buddy myself, I will be sharing six standard methods that you can do in checking the refrigerant on your air conditioner.

These methods will be suitable mainly when your air conditioner does not perform well as it used to be. So, it is better to check the freon or refrigerant inside it to see if something is wrong. Take note. Each method should be performed with caution and safety. Appliances like air conditioners have moving and electrical parts that can hurt you. Be careful.


Method #1. Checking the fan

You should assess the air conditioner fan if it usually moves. Then, when turning on the cooling unit, you should observe if the fan operates. The blower fan should already be moving automatically if the air conditioner is turned on. If not, your freon levels might be low and need some replacement. Most importantly, be careful in inspecting the air conditioner fan to hurt your hand and limbs. The best way to check it is by calling a professional.


Method #2. Look for the filters

If you have access to your air conditioning filters, look for them. Please make sure they are clean and steady. When the air filters are dusty enough that it hinders the normal function of your air conditioner, you should already call an expert for it.


Method #3. Check if there is a frost

When your freon levels are abnormal, your home air conditioner might have frozen itself up. The air conditioner will freeze if the freon gas and coolant are leaking. This problem will also cause your air conditioner not to function well. If there is ice in your air conditioner, you should already contact the nearest repairing service for your air conditioner.


Method #4. Soundcheck

Turning on your air conditioner should have a good sound. If there is an abnormal sound like hissing, you should already be aware of that. A hissing air conditioner might have its freon leaked. The sound of leakage itself will be very noticeable inside of the room. If so, turn off all heating appliances together with candles or anything that can cause a fire. Then call the nearest professional for the repair of your AC.


Method #5. Checking with soap

This method will be convenient. Using a soapy solution, you can detect if the freon or coolant is leaking. Locate the suspected tube that is leaking, then wipe a solution of the soap. Observe if bubbles are forming on the tube’s surface. If so, you can deduce that your air conditioner freon is leaking.


Method #6. Electronically detecting

Suppose you have some available equipment like a detector. In that case, you should effectively use it to detect and check your air conditioner’s freon levels. Also, it would help if you were doing routine checks on the pressure meters or barometers of your air conditioners.

Indeed, checking your freon is a crucial thing for the household. One leak can cause mishaps inside your humble abode. Suppose these methods still do not work for your case. In that case, it is best to call a licensed professional dealing with air conditioners to check correctly.



Great! You already know how to how to check the freon in a home air conditioner. I have shared six methods above. You can check the freon by the fan, filter, frost, sound using soap and electronic detectors. All homeowners that love air conditioners should routinely check each of its components to prevent fires and other incidents that may cause lives. If you want to read different topics, go here. Thank you very much for reading! The next time!

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