How To Remove Sofa Legs? 2 Best Steps To Do

It’s easy to learn how to remove sofa legs in two basic steps. If you’re familiar with the proper way of taking apart a couch, you will apply the same techniques. However, we will also discuss different sofa connections to help you know the best removal procedure. 


How To Remove Sofa Legs For Replacement Or Moving The Sofa


Step 1. Remove the sofa cushioning and cover

Remove all the cushions and upholstery on the sofa. For those connected to the sofa frame, you need the proper tools to avoid damaging the couch parts. Once you have revealed the structure, you can remove the sofa legs. 


Step 2. Flip the sofa on its side and remove the legs

Tilt the sofa on its side to help you see the connections of the legs. Some sofa models won’t require specific tools because the legs are screwed in place. You only need to twist the legs in the opposite direction to remove them. 


Can I Change The Legs On My Sofa?

It’s possible to change the legs on the couch if they need replacement. Most couch models use screw-in legs that are meant to be quickly removable without the need for extra tools. However, some sofas have built-in legs, and there are even couches that have a base for the support, hence not requiring legs. 


How to replace sofa legs

  1. Find the right size couch legs for your furniture and check if they will screw successfully into the sofa
  2. If not, prepare a receiver plate to ensure that the sofa legs will fit into your couch
  3. Measure the base of the couch and correlate it to your receivers
  4. If the receivers are not compatible with the couch, mount a piece of wood onto the furniture
  5. Make a hole in the center of the receiver for the couch leg and smaller holes for the screws
  6. Attach the receiver onto the wood and then attach the latter onto the couch

How Are Sofa Legs Attached?

Sofa legs are typically attached to the frame using wooden dowels, corner blocks, glue, and screws. You will also find couches with their legs connected using a dowel screw or bolt and tee-nut. Here is how you can remove sofa legs attached with bolts:

  1. Place the nuts on the bolt halfway and tighten them against each other using the wrenches
  2. Turn the wrench counterclockwise on the nut closest to the couch leg to remove it
  3. You can also use a vise onto the sofa leg to remove the bolt counterclockwise

How Do You Attach Legs To Pieces Of Furniture?

There are many ways to attach couch legs, but the most straightforward method is installing the dowel screw. 

  1. Tighten a dowel screw into the sofa leg and place it through the hole in the couch frame
  2. Turn the leg clockwise to tighten the screw into the couch frame

Are Couch Legs Universal?

There are different types of sofa legs, but it’s common to consider screw mount couch legs as the universal leg. This is because they are versatile for different couches since you won’t need mounting hardware to attach them. You only need a screwdriver to install and remove a screw mount sofa leg. 

You can attach screw mount sofa legs by placing a screw to their pre-drilled holes and into the couch frame. But besides screw mount couch legs, there are also other types that you can expect in some sofas. They include the most common style: the hanger bolt mount sofa legs and the most straightforward dowel mount sofa legs.

Are Couch Legs Necessary?

Couch legs are necessary, depending on the sofa type and user. Here are some situations to consider if you want to remove, replace, or attach couch legs.

Comfort and support

Having the couch lie directly on the floor can get either the floor or the couch itself damaged due to lack of stability. It might move around much easier, and there is nothing underneath to help equalize the weight. The sofa might also feel awkward to use, especially for tall individuals that need to stretch out their legs while sitting. 


The higher clearance that legs add to sofas is convenient for sitting or getting in and out of the couch. The extra space underneath will also make it easier to reach all the corners during cleaning. You can prevent the accumulation of dirt in tight areas and maintain the sofa for longer. 

When are sofa legs unnecessary?

Not all instances require a sofa to have legs. Some couches are designed to have a stable frame to provide the best support. You may also need to remove the legs when moving or relocating the sofa from one point to another. 

How Tall Should Sofa Legs Be?

The best height for sofa legs will vary for every user. However, the most common range is from 3 to 6 inches to accommodate most people’s heights. 


The sofa legs may get damaged, or you need to fit a sofa through a small door. If you know how to remove sofa legs, you can solve these issues stress-free. Start by removing the couch and covers, then tilt the sofa to reveal the frame. 

Find the connection type of the legs and remove them. This article taught you how to remove screw-in legs, but we also included the method for removing bolted legs. Let us know if you have other sofa leg types that need removing.