How To Clean Portable Air Conditioner Coils? 4 Best Methods!

Are you cleaning your portable AC unit and pondered, “How to clean portable air conditioner coils?” To clean the coils of your portable air conditioning system, gently sweep away the dirt and dust that builds upon it using a damp cloth or a brush with soft bristles. You may also use some unique coil cleaning solutions to ensure that you won’t damage them while cleaning.

A portable air conditioner is a transferable appliance used to cool single rooms. It is usually set on the floor to move it quickly from one place to another.

How to clean portable air conditioner coils

Some portable AC’s have wheels that make them more convenient to carry, which is an excellent alternative for window or installed cooling systems.

Having clean, safe, and fresh air is of utmost priority nowadays, especially since many microorganisms and pollutants roam around, causing health issues to humans. Above that, cleaning the appliances that provide you unpolluted environment is essential.

However, when cleaning your portable AC unit, so clean off a particular component carefully and thoroughly. This component is the coil, which is critical to clean because it is easy to damage them.

So, read on to help you solve your problem in cleaning the coils of your portable AC unit.


Methods To Clean Portable Air Conditioner Coils

It is pretty necessary to clean the coils of your portable AC unit. As these coils remove the warm air from your home, the atmosphere could carry along things such as dirt, dust, and bacteria.

When the dirt, dust, and bacteria build up on your AC and pollute the air that you are breathing, this will force the AC system to work harder, especially the coils.

So it is essential to clean them to increase the efficiency of your unit and provide better air quality inside your home.

Before you clean, keep in mind that the coils of any AC system are fragile and sensitive. If you cleaned the coils carelessly or applied the wrong type of cleaning product, they could be damaged.

Learn the proper way of coil cleaning to avoid any mishaps while cleaning this component of your AC. Of course, it would be the best option to ask a professional to do the work, but if you wanted to learn it yourself, here are the four primary methods on how to clean portable air conditioner coils.


Method #1. Tools needed

In cleaning the portable air conditioner coils, you have to prepare the materials needed first. It would be great if you had a vacuum with a soft brush, coil cleaner, and unused cloth.


Method #2. Removing the outer parts

To get into the coil, you have to remove all the other components that cover it first. Start by unplugging the air conditioner to avoid having any injuries while cleaning the coil. Then, drag out the covers and filters to access the portable AC’s coils.

When removing the filters, you may first place a cloth on top of your portable AC unit to keep the dust from entering it. The filter found at the back of the AC unit has a tiny opening on top to detach it from the cooling system easily.


Method #3. Cleaning the coils

Start by using a soft-bristle brush to clean the coils for it is sensitive and damaged easily. Scrub it softly with an up-and-down motion because of the fragile composition of the coils. As you scrub it gently, you can see that the dust and dirt are slowly coming off the fins.

Clean all parts of the coils, including the nuts, corners, and tiny gaps, to avoid a build-up of dust as time goes by.

When dirt piles up on the coils, this may cause damage to your portable air conditioner. Wipe off the brush using a clean cloth from time to time to avoid any excess dust and dirt to stick back onto the coils.

You may also rinse the coils first with water to clean the light dust before using the vacuum with a soft brush for an easier way of cleaning.

When the coils have a heavy pile of dust and dirt, you may use a coil cleaner to clean it then rinse afterward. It is necessary because you cannot use a brush when removing heavy grime from the coils. After all, it may cause damage when you clean it intensely.


Method #4. Attaching the parts

Once you finished cleaning the coils of your portable air conditioning unit, you may put the filters and covers back to the cooling system. Finally, you may plug it into the power and use it. You can observe that the cool air released by your portable AC has been fresher than before.



And those are the four primary methods on how to clean portable air conditioner coils! Remember to clean them at least once a year to keep your AC unit running efficiently.

Cleaning the portable air conditioner coils is just easy because all you need is to use a soft-bristled brush and gently sweep off the dirt. Using a coil cleaner solution may also help to keep your AC coils cleaner than ever.

Observe the proper maintenance for your portable AC coils to avoid paying repair bills when it gets damaged. In addition, clean coils for your cooling system give you a safer and healthier atmosphere to live on!

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