How To Clean Mold Out Of Window Air Conditioner? 7 Easy Steps!

How to clean mold out of window air conditioner? There are several steps you need to do to clean the mold out of your window air conditioner. Read this article to find out about those steps!

However, what is a mold? Mold is a feared issue that no one likes. However, mold exposure in the house could lead to several significant health issues and diseases.

Mold may develop in a variety of places, including your appliance like an air conditioner. Since the air inside the air conditioner (AC) is continually moving inside the unit, it scoops mold particles that will scatter into different areas of your home.

Moreover, mold reduces the quality of your air conditioner. Thus, the coolness produced by your AC has lessened.

Look for indicators of mold in your air conditioners, such as a smelly odor when the air conditioner is running, repeated allergy problems, or the appearance of the mold itself outside the air conditioner.

If you tend to see these signs and indicators, do something to solve this mold issue before it is too late.


Materials Needed Before You Clean Mold Out Of Window Air Conditioner

Before starting the actual process, you need to prepare the following materials:

  • Eye protection gear
  • Mask for the face
  • Gloves
  • Water
  • Detergent
  • Peroxide
  • Washing soap
  • bucket of water (5 gallons)
  • Cloth
  • Brushes for cleaning
  • Propeller and screwdriver
  • Vacuum cleaner


Steps To Clean Mold Out Of Window Air Conditioner

There are seven easy steps you need to remember in cleaning the molds present in your conditioner. To answer the question: how to clean mold out of window air conditioner?

Here are the following steps:


Step #1. Preparation

Wear your protective gear. That includes your gloves, face masks, and glasses. These safety gears will protect you from any harm you will encounter.

Furthermore, do not forget to prepare all the materials listed above. Without it, you will not successfully clean your air conditioner and remove the molds inside it.


Step #2. Turn off the air conditioner

The next step you need to do is to switch off your air conditioner. Also, do not forget to unplug it from the outlet.

If you tend to clean the mold while your air conditioner is still running, you might be spending a lot of money on your electricity bills. Moreover, you will be at risk.


Step #3. Move your air conditioner

Transfer your air conditioner to a wide area. Ensure that there will be no things around it as mold can transfer from one place to another.


Step #4. Remove some specified parts

Remove the body grille (front part). On certain air conditioners, this is as simple as moving it forward and gently pressing it downwards.

However, if you screwed the body grille as you set up your AC, you need to dismantle all the screws. Next, Disable the screen or filter from the front grille of your air conditioner.


Step #5. Clean the filter

Pour the basin or with hot water. First, make sure that the water will cover the filter completely. Then, wait for 15 minutes for the filter to soak.

After that, thoroughly clean and scrape the sides of the filter. Using clean water, rinse it and wait for it to dry. You can also hang it for faster drying.


Step #6. Dismantle and clean

Return to your air conditioner since you need to disable the metal cover. Then raise it straight upright.

Start cleaning up quite enough dirt and dust from the inside of your air conditioner with the vacuum and extensions. Remove any apparent mold growth with a damp cloth.

Make a solution of one and a half cups of bleach, one tablespoon of dishwashing soap, and three gallons of hot water. Be careful with the bleach as this may irritate your eyes and skin.

Mix up the solution you made with a cloth, sponge, or towel. Clean the moldy parts of your air conditioning unit thoroughly. Furthermore, if the front grille of your air conditioner has mold, clean it. Wait 10 minutes for the liquid to rest on these objects before rinsing with water and a wet towel.


Step #6. Dry

Wait for the parts of the air conditioner to dry. If you tend to assemble these parts while still wet, you will be suffering from electrical shock.


Step #7. Final step

Rebuild the air conditioner and reconnect it to its electrical power. And there you go! You successfully remove the molds out of your air conditioner.


How Did Molds Grow In Your Window Air Conditioner?

Mold can only develop with two things – an organic food supply and moisture. Therefore, high humidity or water leak caused. The significant sources of condensation are the evaporator coils and condenser.

It leads to water leaks if not adequately eliminated. The food supply of the mold might be the medium it is spreading on. They can grow on wood, rug, or organic materials in the dirt.

Mold cannot grow in metal sheet tubes or foam pipes used in window units. Dust, on the other hand, tends to accumulate in these areas, allowing mold to thrive.



To remove the mold out of your window air conditioner, follow the seven steps listed above. It would help if you took action before it is too late.

Moreover, you need to know and learn how the molds grow. Thus, you need to remember the information above.

I hope I answered your question: how to clean mold out of window air conditioner?

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