How To Make A Sofa Cover Easy And Frustration Free

Learn how to make a sofa cover easy in three easy steps. In this tutorial, we will teach you the quickest sofa cover wrap style you can make. It’s a bit of a variation from a traditional sofa cover, but it functions effectively and stylishly. 

You can also read tips on making a sofa cover fit if you need adjustments for the project. With that being said, let’s get right into the tutorial. 

How To Make A Sofa Cover Easy


DIY Sofa Cover To Make At Home


Step 1. Take the sofa dimensions

  • Measure the sofa for slipcover and get the length from the floor to the top of the arm, length of the inside arm, length of the seat across, and length from the arm to the floor
  • Get the depth in between the cushions starting from the top of one cushion and under it because you will cover them with the sofa cover
  • Measure the depth of the crack between the back and seat
  • Take note of any potential adjustments that you must account for

Step 2. Sew the sofa cover

  • Cut a piece for fabric according to the length of the cover flat by the depth of the front
  • Cut another piece of material according to the length of the cover flat by the depth of the back
  • Sew the two fabric pieces along the length while allocating half an inch of the seam allowance
  • Fold the finished cover lengthwise and widthwise
  • Place it on a flat surface with the folded edges down and to the right, while the four corners at the bottom left 
  • Mark the top fabric 24 inches to the right of the bottom left corner and another one above it on the raw edge
  • Note that you can adjust the marking as needed
  • Draw a 45-degree angle through the corner around 20 inches and mark an X at 15 inches
  • Make a line starting at the raw edge you marked earlier and create a curve to go through the 15-inch X mark up to the remaining 24 inches on the raw edge
  • Use the line as your guide to cut through the sofa cover
  • Create a bottom hem accordingly

Step 3. Install the sofa cover

  • Place the wrap in the middle of the sofa length
  • Align the front edge to the front of the sofa, and let the cover fall to the back and reach the floor
  • Tuck the fabric between the cushion and sofa arms
  • Stretch the wrap to get a snug fit between the back and seat cushions
  • Repeat on all the sofa junctions and hide the excess material between the seat cushions and back
  • Keep the sofa covers in place with grips, ties, or even pins if needed

How Can I Cover My Couch Cheaply?

The cheapest way to cover the sofa is going DIY and selecting affordable but durable fabrics. It’s more economical to allocate a couple of bucks to get a quality fabric that will last longer than needing constant replacements after several months. But what cheap material can you use to cover a couch and will still guarantee to last long?

Make a drop cloth sofa cover

You can slipcover a sofa using drop cloths. Dropcloth is a type of fabric that painters typically use to protect the floor and furniture pieces. This affordable material is durable enough to last long and protect your couch from dust and spills. 

Some other fabric considerations for DIY sofa covers on a budget include cotton and canvas. You’ll still ensure that your couch will always be protected well because the DIY cover is tailored according to the size of your sofa. But if you don’t need that much protection, universal sofa covers are still relatively cheap at the expense of not fitting as perfectly as a custom cover. 


How Do You Make A Slipcover Fit If It’s Too Small?

If the slipcover is too small on your sofa, you will notice that it fits too tightly and is generally a struggle to install. You don’t want to pop the seams in the long run, so the remedy for a small slipcover is ripping the seams to lessen the seam allowance. Some slipcovers use an inch of seam allowance that makes their fitting smaller, and you can solve it by making the seam to half an inch only. 

But if this solution is still not enough, you can also add a stretchable strip of fabric on the hidden portion of the cover. You can even opt for ruffles and trims to lengthen the top side of the sofa cover while adding some style to your sofa. 


How Do You Make A Loose Sofa Cover?

Making a loose sofa cover is not that different from a fitted slipcover. You will only get a looser fit by including more allowance for the measurement you need for the cover length and width. However, you’ll still need to tuck some material in between the cracks in the sofa to keep it from sliding off. 



Sofa covers are not only protective of the furniture, but they also allow the homeowner to modify the couch quickly. This article discussed how to make a sofa cover easy and frustration-free in three steps. You’ll measure the needed dimensions, sew the fabric pieces, and install the sofa wrap. 

But what if your couch is leather? Will the cover slip off? Read this article on how to cover a leather sofa with fabric in case you want to cover a leather couch. 


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