How To Clean Aluminum Siding Without Pressure Washer? 6 Awesome Tips!

Do you want to know how to clean aluminum siding without pressure washer? No more worries, you have arrived at the right place. Any filth or grime left on aluminum siding can typically be removed by hand washing it. Scrub any leftover dirt or grime using a pail of hot water with Spic and Slat or any all-purpose cleaner, as well as a lengthy soft-haired brush.

Scrub the metal siding from top to bottom, starting with the top and working your way down. Working in trio or multiple areas from top to bottom and then rinsing will keep the surface from drying up and requiring another scrape. Using your garden hose, rinse dirt, filth, and soap away, directing the stream of water downward.

how to clean aluminum siding without pressure washer

Aluminum is just less costly and requires less upkeep. Cleaning the siding once a year to remove debris and grime build-up is necessary to keep it in good shape. However, problems develop from time to time, as they do with everything. Let us get into the deep!


Tips To Clean Aluminum Siding Without Pressure Washer

Aluminum siding is a worthwhile home investment for a gorgeous house. The material is easy to maintain and care for, making it a fantastic choice. Learning how to clean aluminum siding without a pressure washer is considerably more accessible than any other cleaning. Here are the tips on how to clean aluminum siding without pressure washer:


#1. Prepare your home and wear safety items before starting a cleaning

Prepare your home before cleaning the siding. Shut all your doors and windows to prevent water from entering your house. Clear any objects that your solvent could damage from the area, and cover any surrounding outside plants with plastic. If you want to employ chemicals, gather safety equipment such as safety gloves. After collecting your cleaning supplies, start washing the siding with hot water.


#2. Use laundry detergents

After you’ve safely stored your home and the stuff surrounding it, clean your siding with washing detergent. There are a few options available to you. As long as the liquid or granular detergent mixes well, it can be used. Other eco-friendly options include non-toxic soaps and detergents or water-soluble trisodium phosphate, popularly known as Borax. A power washer makes the job go quickly and easily, but a gentle brush will suffice. Mix water and laundry detergent in one of your five-gallon buckets to make soapy water. Scrub from the top down with the scrub brush, dipped in soapy water.


#3. Use homemade cleaner

From washing with bicarbonate of soda to lemons, there are a variety of techniques to produce homemade aluminum siding cleaner. On the other hand, Raspberry or onions may be used to clean metal siding uniquely. Fill a pail with water from your yard hose for any of these cleaning methods. Boil the mixture with a few raspberry stalks, onions, or lemons. Turn the heat down and let the liquid cool before using it to clean your siding.


#4. Use vinegar

Try cleaning metal siding with vinegar if you like do-it-yourself cleaning methods and supplies. It protects the metal from rusting and tarnishing over time. Sometimes, rinsing with soapy water isn’t enough to get the shine back. In addition, vinegar is an excellent stain remover for mild to moderate spots. Clean a fiberglass hull with accumulated filth and salt with a vinegar combination. The vinegar brightens it up much.

Combine a couple of pieces of lemon peel, vinegar, and hot water in a five-gallon container to clean brushed metal or a similar aluminum surface. Using a gentle scrubber immersed in the liquid, clean the metal siding directly.

If you begin with the detergent approach, rinse with the solution may also help eliminate soap scum. The size of your home determines the amount you utilize.


#5. Use Borax

Clean aluminum siding With trisodium phosphate, also called Borax, to remove minor mildew and mold. There are eco-friendly ways to clean without bleach or store-bought chemicals, such as utilizing a DIY deck cleanser using Borax.

Be careful when using trisodium phosphate. It has the potential to remove paint and cause health problems. Cover the windows with plastic and use goggles and protective clothes.

Begin by mixing the Borax and water in a bucket. Scrub troublesome areas with a soft stiff brush or pour it into a power washer. If you spilled paint on metal during cleaning work, use this method to remove it. Rinsing isn’t necessary.


#6. Use bleach to clean aluminum siding

Bleach is ideal for tenacious mildew or severe discoloration. It even gets rid of mold on vinyl siding. Also, take precautions and read safety warnings before use for optimal outcomes. Use two parts water and one part bleach to eliminate aluminum oxidation and an ugly rust stain in a bucket. If desired, add 1⁄4 cup of washing detergent. Scrub each part of the siding or aluminum doors one at a time, immersing your cleaning instrument in the liquid. Using the garden hose, thoroughly rinse. You can also read challenges to power aluminum siding.


It’s A Wrap!

We are delighted to know that you have learned how to clean aluminum siding without pressure washers. Before starting the cleaning, remember these tips and take precautionary measurements to avoid any risk.  Click on these links to read related articles; know how to put soap in pressure washer and how to change oil in pressure washer.

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