How To Change Oil In Pressure Washer? Easy-Step Guide To Follow!

How to change oil in pressure washer? It first requires consulting your manual for doing the oil change procedure. It is as easy as removing old oil and replacing it with a new one. Prepare the needed materials and tools to finish the task.

This simple activity takes only a few minutes, saving you from several headaches. But doing it following the proper schedule protects the pressure washer pump from wear and tear. Plus, it gets you warranty protection. So spend more minutes on maintaining the pump in its good condition.

How to change oil in pressure washer


Steps To Change Oil In Pressure Washer

So, how to change oil in pressure washer? The old pressure washer comes with a dipstick hole that drains and fills the oil through it. But another power washer has both that look the same. The first one comes with a dipstick attached to monitor the oil level, while the second one is a cap screw with a hole to fill oil and place it back. Before you drain the oil, turn it to a minute or even two so that the oil flows better after it gets warm than cold.

Now, you have to position the catch basin below the drain hole. The oil misses the spot and flows to the plate of an engine. Get a towel or rag handy to remove the overspill. Remove its oil fill cap for the air to flow easily. Look through the low section of the pressure washer engine, where you find the oil drain plug. It is dirty, so rinse or wipe its area. A tiny bolt is also an oil drain plug. Use a socket wrench or wrench to eliminate the bolt. Let the oil flow into the basin and its metal plate. Wipe it clean as you notice it stops its flow. Then, return the bolt. Place the funnel through the hole to fill an oil when needed. Fill in a new two-stroke of motor oil afterward. Check the oil level using a dipstick, but it should be in full. Start its power engine up and check its status to see if it is complete.


Prepare For The Tools Needed

Save some headache as you gather the tools needed. Complete the change of oil beforehand with the five items below:

  • Funnel
  • Catch basin
  • 10-millimeter wrench or socket
  • Two-stroke oil


Time Required To Change The Oil

It is best to research the internet when you change the oil in a pressure washer. It is estimated to be anything from fifty hours to three-hundred hours. It depends more on the way you use it. The pressure washer oil and the tools often change halfway to the summer season and before storing it for the winter. Know how long should an oil change take.


Reasons To Convince You To Change Oil

Some pressure washers do not require any maintenance. The soil does not need to top it up or change it. Check its level if it has gone down already. See if there is a possible leak in the system. But in cheaper or more expensive pressure washer pumps, the oil is there already when you purchase it. Somehow, there is a need to change the oil or add more oil from one time to another. You will face risks if you do not change its oil the same as when you change the oil in the vehicle’s engine. Things can occur, like the oil may pick up dust, debris, and dirt. These tiny particles can reach your pump system or the engine if you use engine oil. These will block the system enabling the oil to circulate and lubricate the moving sections.

The parts may wear and break if the oil could not do it. The level of the oil may eventually get too low. There is no adequate oil that lubricates these moving parts that end up in the same fate. The system not properly lubricated may result in parts that break and fail. The repair cost can be a lot more costly than adding or changing the oil. So, concentrate more on the oil. Use a pump with dirty oil. Inadequate oil may also become dangerous, so many do not recommend it.

Follow the instruction manual that guides you if you will change the oil in the system. Change it after two-hundred-fifty working hours. It could be after three months or less if you use the pressure washer regularly. Change it only once a year if you will not use it a lot. Suppose it sits there for a long time. Change the oil before using it again.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how to change oil in pressure washers, which is part of maintaining a home quickly and efficiently. But then consider supporting the pressure washer as it is doing most of the hard work. The easiest and best way is to change its oil and follow the steps mentioned above, and you will notice significant results after doing it. So be convinced of the reasons above and do your part so that your pressure washer will also last longer! Also, read about what kind of oil for pressure washer pump and how to change pressure washer pump oil.

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