How To Clean A Washer Drain Hose? 4 Easy Steps!

How to clean a washer drain hose? A slow filling washing machine may happen over time as these appliances tend to lose their quality as the time passes by due to the repetitive usage of cleaning and many more thus, leading to some damages of its components that may cost you a little more than your expected budget. With that, let us take a deeper look into it.

As some damages may start from the hose, you must check to see if the problems are on the connections or the other components of the home appliance. Mostly, the causes of these are a blocked hose, so to avoid that from happening, you should be able to know how you can clean a washer drain hose.

How to clean a washer drain hose

Why? Limescale mainly builds up in hoses, especially if yours is near a wall with dirt and many more to it, thus reducing the water flow in your machine and may even cause it to malfunction in no specific time around. It is also recommended that you replace your hoses every three to five years to make sure. However, even if the requirement says that it is still necessary to clean it regularly when a note is in use. In a year, you should disconnect them and clean the whole machine thoroughly not to cause any problem or hassle when doing your laundry. So without further ado, let us now clean your drain hose.


Steps To Clean A Washer Drain Hose

How to clean a washer drain hose? Some may be unfamiliar with cleaning a washing machine’s drain hose as it may be their first time owning one or, they haven’t read the instruction manual of the specific appliance yet. These are steps that you can use as a basis so, here it is:


Step #1. Readying the washing machine for cleaning

When cleaning, you must put it away from the wall to avoid any dirt from coming while cleaning your appliance later on. You can also use a hand truck to remove the machine away from the more straightforward way around. You should now be able to go from behind it without any worries. Remember to disconnect the plugs of devices like the washing machine when cleaning; it may be exposed water, leading to an injury or even damage to the washer itself. Make sure to turn off the water valves so that water doesn’t come out or leak when you are doing the process. Once done, putting on a wide old towel at the rear of the washer should be the next thing you will do. When it is in place, we should move on to the following steps, which will remove some components from the machine. Know how to clean washer drain hoses.


Step #2. Unscrewing and making sure that the appliance is clean

For step number two, water hoses and nozzles from the machine should be removed or unscrewed using some tools you have at home. If yours is on a tough spot that cannot be removed by simply pulling or using some essential tools, you may need to use some pliers to remove it without being harsh. There may be water on the lines left, too, so you must double-check the machine before doing some cleaning to it. From there, tilt the ends of the hose over an empty bucket that you have readied earlier to catch any dirt or water left from the washing machine. With that being said, let us now move on. Also, read about how to use oxiclean in top load washer.


Step #3. Cleaning the washers’ draining hose

For at least five to ten minutes, isolate the hose in warm, soapy, and not-so-tough water that will let the components of the hose get cleaned in no time. After that, you’ll need to open the lint screen slot on the washing machine. You may easily remove all the lint off the screen using an old toothbrush. Some machines’ filters are located in different places, so double-check that you’ve checked the proper spot, so you don’t have to waste a lot of time just looking for it rather than solving the problem. Possible locations may be mainly at the rear, side, or even at the top of the machine if you’re using a modern one. Immerse the drain hose again repeatedly so that to make sure that the lines get cleaned thoroughly. Continue doing this until you have made sure that it is now ready to be used once again. It may be helpful to read about how to install washer drain hose.


Step #4. Final cleaning 

Drain all the dirty water from the sink and refill it with a new one to ensure that the flow goes through without any worries. Allow it to soak in the water for at least a minute or five hence, making sure it’s cleaned. Wipe the hoses with a clean cloth once done and screw back all the connections to place.


It’s A Wrap!

How to clean a washer drain hose? Now that you know how to clean a washer’s drain hose, it will be much easier to deal with since the steps listed above are simplified, making sure that you understand it thoroughly without needing to deal with the hassle or any problems at all. Now, you can clean your dirty laundry without having to worry once more! You may also want to know about why does my washer smell and how to prevent and clean it.

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