How To Clean Front Load Washer Gasket? 4 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to clean front load washer gasket? In five easy steps, you can; these things you will know as you read further into this article. 

Many people nowadays prefer to own front load washing machines than the noisy ones, which are commonly referred to as the top-load machines. Why? To simply put it up, it was made for everyday use as it consumes less energy and also water to get your clothes neat in just no time. It is way better. Unfortunately, there is one problem that you’ll have to face off at least a month or two. Want to know more about it? It grows pesky molds and mildew on the inner gasket due to different types of dirt that the gasket catches while laundering your clothes. Though, do not worry, with some solutions that you can fix in no time.

how to clean front load washer gasket

Why is it essential that we keep the gasket clean at all times? Since it is exposed to water every time, you must maintain its quality by doing regular maintenance and keeping it dry as much as possible every after use. With that, you can start avoiding molds that will touch and dirty your gasket. Now that we’ve already learned all about the basic info of how to clean the gasket, it is now time that we move on to better things. What are these better things? You are about to know them; so, stay until the end of this article and keep track of new terms that might come in handy; you may or may not use them though unfamiliar.


Steps To Clean Front Load Washer Gasket

Since we already discussed the basic info of the gaskets and the machine itself at the top part, we should be learning the steps to do it now. It will be easy for you to follow since we have simplified it to your understanding. So, here are the steps on how to clean front load washer gasket:


Step #1. Mixing a solution that will be used to get later rid of the dirt 

Firstly, if you face this kind of problem, make sure to ready a mix of bleach to a gallon of water. Why? This will serve as the mixture you will use to get rid of that pesky dirt growing in your washing machine. Make sure to wear gloves so that you can prevent the bleach from touching and irritating your skin too much. Take note that you should be doing this process at least once a month –  with that, you can prevent different germs from spreading and growing across your machine, which can eventually go inside and affect how your machine performs. This is a significant process so, let us continue with what we are discussing right now. Know the proper wash cycle.


Step #2. Cleaning the inner parts of the gasket 

Using a soft cloth, something like an old shirt or a towel is needed. Why? This is so that the bleach won’t irritate and affect the skin while we are trying to accomplish this whole process. To do that, we must soak the cloth into the solution while squeezing most of the moisture out from the cloth. Once you’re done putting all the moisture from the cloth, you can now rub it onto the surface of the gasket that is affected by all the dirt present in the machine. Make sure to pull the gasket away at once and wipe all the crevices present hiding underneath it. It affects the smell and also the quality of your gasket over time.

When done, you should set a timer that will serve as your basis to leave the solution as it is for at least five minutes or so. This will give the bleach time to easily kill bacteria that are making the odor smell foul when using the machine. If it is covered with dirt and crevices, set the timer for at least ten minutes.

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Step #3. Wiping the inner gasket with a damp cloth to remove the solution present inside 

Take a clean cloth or rag with you and soak it in normal and clean water. With that, wring out some moisture on the surfaces by wiping the gasket to get rid of the bleach. Then for the final cleaning, take a dry cloth and finalize the cleaning so that the gasket gets completely dried. Finally, leave the door open to dry out.


Step #4. Rubbing baking soda and vinegar to the gasket if you want to avoid using bleach products

Since bleach can irritate the skin, there is an alternative way that you can use to clean the gasket. With that, start sprinkling baking soda on the crevices present and pour or spray the vinegar bottle onto the affected surface area. Lastly, scrub the gasket will a sponge suited to get rid of the dirt and germs present. You may also want to know how to use OxiClean in top load washer.


It’s A Wrap!

Now that we’ve taken a closer look at how to clean front load washer gasket, you must also learn how to maintain it simultaneously. Thus, avoid damages to your devices’ gasket, as we know that you will use it constantly for your laundry needs. Now with that being said, we hope that you’ve learned a lot from this article. Also, you can read about why does my washer stink.

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