How to Choose a Recliner for the Elderly: Tips and Things To Know

Do you know how to choose the best recliner for the elderly loved one? If not, then you might be wondering how to find a comfortable, well-built chair that is also affordable.

You are not alone! Today we will go over how to find the perfect reclining chair for an elderly family member with tips and things to know before making a purchase.


Steps on Choosing A Recliner for the Elderly

Step 1. Pick a recliner that is reasonably priced. You will want to find the best chair for your family member, but you do not need an expensive model with all of the bells and whistles. Make sure that the chair meets their needs while also being cost-effective so as to avoid any pressure on how much money they may have to spend .

Step 2. Find a recliner that is the right size. You want to make sure that it will fit into your loved one’s home while also not being too big or small for how they need to relax. Make sure that you measure their existing furniture and compare the measurements with those of different chairs to get an idea of what might work  best.

Step 3. Pick a recliner that is comfortable and easy to use. You want the chair to offer enough support so as not to put too much strain on your loved one’s joints, but you also need it to be soft so that they can easily get up from sitting in it for long periods of time .

Step 4. Find a recliner with  a handle. This is helpful for when they need to get up from sitting in it and also offers them a way of using the chair while standing

Step 5. Look for recliners that are easy to clean . You want something with removable covers or those that can be wiped down easily so as not to put too much strain on how often you will have to  clean the chair

Step 6. Find a recliner that is easy to assemble. This will make it easier for you and your loved one, who may not be able to do things like put together furniture

Step 7. Look for recliners with power options . If they are in their home , this can help them stay comfortable without having to get up from sitting  in the chair

Step 8. Find a recliner that is high in quality and durable. This will help keep them comfortable for more extended periods of time, as they won’t have to replace it often because it’s broken or not working how it should

Step 9. Consider how much space you have available . You want enough room around the chair so there are  no obstacles and to give them enough room for how they like to sit


How to Care for Elderly Recliner Chairs

Use a vacuum cleaner or small brush to remove dust and dirt from the recliner

Inspect how much use their chair is getting. If you notice it’s being used often, consider how often they change their clothes . They may not want new clothing smelling like old sweat, so get them something that has been freshly laundered and dried

If there is a problem with how the recliner feels (too hard or too soft), consider investing in some good-quality pillows to help make it more comfortable. You want their chair to feel cozy, but also provide the support they need so that they can sit comfortably for long periods of time

Dirt from clothes  can also cause stains on the chair. Make sure they have a designated space to put their clothes so that it doesn’t rub onto the furniture

Children, grandchildren, and pets can be another source of how often someone chooses to use this recliner (or how much wear and tear). Children will want them up for playtime or maybe during storytime . Pets and grandchildren will want up for scratching or playing.

Make sure there is enough room between the recliner and any other furniture in the house that may get bumped into by a child, pet, grandchild, or elderly person.

Only put it against a wall if you know how to properly install one because otherwise, they could tip 


What some people may not consider

How often they plan to use the recliner. If it’s just a few times, like when they have guests over or if there is an injury that requires bed rest, then how much wear and tear will be put on it?

The height of the person in question.  If they are elderly or have a disability, then how will the height of the chair work for them?

The material. If it’s in an area where there is lots of traffic (like a living room) then how durable does it need to be?

How much weight can it hold; how many people would use this recliner

If they are using it for a guest, how often will this person be visiting?

If the recliner is going in an area where there may not be easy access to power outlets. A plug-in chair would need a lot more battery charge than one that doesn’t require any electrical current.

How often  should the battery be changed?

-If they will need a chair that has an incline or not. If this person is elderly, how often would they have to go out of their way to change something like this?


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