Big Lots Recliners: What You Need to Know

What are Big Lots Recliners? How do they compare to other recliners on the market? What can you expect from a purchase of a Big Lots recliner? These are just some of the questions that we will answer in this blog post.


How to Care for Big Lots Recliner

If you’ve purchased a Big Lots recliner, then you should know what to do with it. It can be difficult for people who are new at this type of purchase, so just follow these five steps:

Clean the chair before putting it down on any furniture fabrics or upholstery fabric. This prevents stains from setting in.

Fold the backrest down to recline your chair using a sandwiching method that keeps it from popping up while you’re sitting and pushing on the arm of the chair. This is what most people do when they are not at home because there aren’t any pillows or blankets available for padding.

Put a pillow or two underneath the chair’s backrest when you’re at home to adjust to what feels comfortable for your body.

Fold up and store it, so that it doesn’t get too dirty while no one is using it.


How to Lubricate Recliner Chair

It is important to lubricate your recliner chair so that it runs smoothly. Lubricating a recliner will help with the friction of moving around in and out of positions, as well as what happens when you leave your home for extended periods without folding up your chair. It may also be necessary if there’s an issue with squeaking sounds when you move around in your chair.

Clean off the surface with furniture polish or a soft cloth to remove any dirt and debris from sitting on it for too long.

Apply a silicone spray, WD40, or anything compatible with what type of recliner you have – either foam rubber materials, vinyl upholstery, or leather.

You might want to reapply the lubricant every few months depending on what type of material you have as well as how often you use your chair.

If there’s a specific issue with squeaking sounds when moving in and out of positions, try spraying silicone spray where the sound is coming from and then oil the squeak with a little WD40.

If there is an issue where your chair has lost its bounce, try applying silicone spray or whatever lubricant you’re using to the shock absorber and also around the bottom of each leg for optimal performance.

In general, always make sure that any parts that come in contact with the floor are coated in a protective sealant such as wax or polyurethane to avoid damage.

If you have carpeting, make sure any metal parts of your chair that touch it (such as castors) are fitted with what is called “noise protection” which will help prevent scratching and other problems.

What are Big Lots recliners?

Big Lots recliners, like their name implies, are available in the store. As such they have a limited selection of what is on sale at any given time and what you see online may not be in stock locally. They can also take up to two weeks for delivery so keep this timeframe in mind if you are in a hurry for your new purchase.


How do Big Lots recliners compare to other brands?

Big Lots recliners come with what is called Power Recline – which means that the back of the chair moves up and down on-demand at any point during use. They also offer what they call “no-sag” coil springs – which is what makes them a popular choice for families.


How much do Big Lots recliners cost?

Big Lots recliners are priced competitively and they can be found at an affordable price point, even though there may not always be what you want in stock. The store has what is called a “brick-and-mortar” experience, so there is no online shopping.


Do Big Lots recliners come with what we need?

Big Lots recliners are not the best when it comes to what they include in them – but if you don’t have an extra set of hands around and want what is called a “built-in” chair, then what you need can be found at Big Lots.


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How to Care for Big Lots Recliners: what you need to know

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How to Clean to Big Lots Recliner

After making sure that the recliner is unplugged, what first needs to be done before anything else is what is called “a good vacuuming.” It’s important not only because it will remove any loose dirt and dust from the area but also because it can help pick up any pet hair (or human)


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