How To Fix Dent In Stainless Steel Fridge? 5 Easy Steps To Follow!

Are you wondering, “how to fix dent in stainless steel fridge?” Do not fret, home buddy; this article will be answering that question. Your new stainless steel fridge might be prone to dents and scratches. Removing marks is easy with these five steps that I will share.

You will be wetting the dent, blowing it with hot air, airing it out using a duster, waiting for the ice to melt, and using dry ice. With these steps are your safety. If you are ready, do not hesitate to scroll down and follow all the steps.

how to fix dent in stainless steel fridge


Steps To Fix The Hideous Dent In My Stainless Steel Fridge

Do not worry; this section will be discussing “how to fix dent in stainless steel fridge?” Before I discovered these steps, I usually cover the hideous dent on my fridge with a fridge magnet. Call me a repairman!

Kidding aside, dents in our special appliances are very annoying especially if it destroys the ambiance and style of your newly bought fridge. Fixing the dent of your stainless steel fridge will require you some materials that you need to gather:

  • Soap
  • Water
  • Cloth or paper towel
  • Hairdryer
  • Canned air duster
  • Dry ice
  • Gloves

With these materials you had acquired, you are now ready to execute these five easy steps on how to fix the dent in stainless fridge. Be sure to observe your safety in doing this method. Your safety is my priority. So, go to your fridge and look for the dent now.


Step #1. Wetting the area

Before anything happens in this fixing method, you need to wet the area of the damaged part of your stainless steel fridge. Using soap and water, remove all grease, dirt, and any residue found on the dent surface. These impurities can be problematic when the fixing process is initiated. So, you might be needing some time to clean it.

Likewise, you should clean all the surfaces of your freezer so that it will shine and glisten like a diamond in your kitchen after removing the dent out. You can clean the fridge surface with a paper towel or cloth together with soapy water to remove all the grease out.


Step #2. Blowing it with hot air

Now, get your hairdryer and turn it on with the highest heat setting. Point the blow dryer to the dent and wait for it to heat up. Heating the dent up can take you one to three minutes of waiting. Since the fridge’s surface is made out of stainless steel, you might notice before heating it that it is cold to touch.

After waiting for it to heat up, you should turn the blower off already. Then, check if the surface is warm for someone to touch. Remember, this step should not overheat both the surface of the dent and the blow dryer itself.


Step #3. Airing it out with a duster

Using a canned air duster, hold it upside down facing the dent. Make sure to place the duster about an inch away from the mark. You can find this air duster at the nearest hardware store in your area. It has canned and pressurized air that you can use for anything.

With this, spray the dent carefully together with the surface that is warmed by the hairdryer. Also, you will need to spray all the components of the canned air duster. After that, you will be noticing a thin layer of ice forming on the dent.


Step #4. Waiting for the ice to melt

After spraying all the canned air duster components, the ice will form, and you will be waiting for it to melt out and disappear. With this, the dent should probably be ceasing to exist on the fridge’s surface.

Instead, thanks to the magic of metal expansion, the mark is removed from various temperature changes on its surface. The next step will also be helpful if you do not have any canned air dusters in your home.


Step #5. Using dry ice

You might be unfamiliar with this material. Dry ice is solidified carbon dioxide. It does not melt and is much colder than your typical ice made from water. Using this ice might need you some protection like gloves. But, likewise, its cold nature will be accommodating in removing the dent out of the fridge.

With this, you can substitute the dry ice for the canned air duster. Wear some protection and hold the dry ice to the dented area for about half to one minute. After that, you should probably remove the dent due to the cold action of the dry ice.


Flattening Things Up!

Great! You already know how to fix dent in stainless steel fridge. You can do it yourself by following only five easy steps.

Fixing the dent of your fridge will have you wet the area, heat it by using a blow dryer, freezing it up using a canned air duster, and using dry ice. Do you want to read more about fixing things? Read how to fix fridge door? Thank you very much for reading!

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