How To Change Light Bulb In Samsung Fridge? 6 Easy Steps!

If the light inside your fridge starts to dim, you will need to know how to change light bulb in Samsung fridge? Well, it’s not that hard, and this procedure will only take about six steps.

Changing the light inside your fridge is easier to maintain the brightness in the interior whenever you want to find something. In addition, the light will give you a better vision of what’s inside your food compartments, especially the goods located in the back.

how to change light bulb in Samsung fridge

Much more, you might not know that your central unit has a little button on the inner side. When you push it for a long time, the light will turn off. So, this situation happens when you’re closing your fridge door. It will pass through the button and press it with its sides.

As a result, the light turns off whenever the fridge door closes since you don’t have to get something. So, the light will not be helpful at those times. But, what’s worse is that the light inside will slowly stop working and it could cause a slight inconvenience to you. But don’t worry, this article is what you need. So, read on!


Steps For Bulb Replacement In Samsung Fridge

So, we have gathered the most detailed steps on how to change light bulb in Samsung fridge. The whole procedure won’t last more than 10 minutes, and after reading this article, you can do it yourself. So, without further ado, let’s get started with the topic.


Step #1. Choose a bulb

The fridge only requires a small bulb with less than 30 watts. There are various light bulb sizes, but the Samsung brand and its manufacturers prefer size A15 or smaller. Other measures that you can check out are the T8 and E14 bulbs.

However, it could be easier for you if you’ll follow the size and wattage of your original bulb. You can check the label on the bulb or your fridge’s manual. Or you can bring it as a reference while shopping for bulbs.


Step #2. Turn off your fridge

Press the power button on the controls found in the front door. Then, unplug the cable from the outlet. This step will prevent electric shocks and energy consumption. If your fridge is on, there’s electricity in the light bulb. And when you remove it, you might feel a touch of electricity or warmth because of the light. So, be careful.


Step #3. Remove the cover

Some Samsung refrigerators have more than one bulb, so you should check your manual or examine the fridge. The cover somehow prevents the low temperature from getting in contact with the warmth of the bulb surface. Because when this happens, it could cause damage to the lamp or your whole unit. In addition, it could lower the brightness of your bulb in a short amount of time.

It’s easy to remove the cover(s) since you have to pull them out from the ducts. Avoid forcing them out of the vents since you might break them. Instead, directly push the cover inward and slightly slide it upward to loosen the bottom side from the duct. And carefully remove it.


Step #4. Detach the malfunctioning bulb

You can turn it counterclockwise to loosen the bulb from its place. Be careful when removing the bulb since smaller bulbs can be fragile and have thinner glass than bigger ones. Remove it gently and store it in a safe place. Or you can place it inside a box that is big enough for its size. Please don’t throw it out without packing because your bulb may contain dangerous chemicals, or the glass may break. Properly dispose of them.


Step #5. Insert the new bulb

Carefully insert the new light bulb and turn it clockwise. Ensure that it’s adequately secured and it can hold its place. Some placements are not straight enough so make sure that your bulb is screwed correctly. Then, it can avoid any damage to your bulb and inner fridge.


Step #6. Finishing touches

Place back the bulb covers by inserting one side on the upper duct and the other on the bottom. Some have arrows that guide you on how to place back the cover. After that, you can close your fridge door and check if it’s working. Reconnect your main cable and turn the power switch on. Allow a few minutes for the refrigerator to warm up and detect the power source. Then, open the door to check if the light bulb is working.

If not, then you should consult a professional or call your fridge manufacturer. And that is all for this topic. On the other hand, you might be interested in reading about the steps on how you can change tanning bed bulbs on your own if you have time.


It’s A Wrap

And that is how to change light bulb in Samsung fridge. The lifespan of a fridge bulb usually depends on how often you open the fridge door. Or, when you have kids, they might discover the small button on the side and start playing with it. That might reduce the lifespan of your bulb. However, they usually last for about 1750 hours.

That is more than two months or around 70 days. So, changing the light bulb will be considered as a part of your fridge maintenance. Don’t forget even the most minor components in your fridge since all of them play an essential role. We hope you learned from this article. Thank you, and best of luck!

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