What Mattress Do Doctors Recommend: The Top Choice

If you have no idea what mattress do doctors recommend, the answer should not surprise you. Doctors promote against the use of chemicals and synthetic items, so it’s expected that they prefer natural mattresses. Do you have an idea now?

Here is the best mattress material for health. Please consider reading that separate article to know more variables to make a bed better for your health. 

what mattress do doctors recommend


What Kind Of Mattress Do Doctors Recommend?

Most doctors and health care professionals recommend latex mattresses over other mattress types. In particular, they prefer natural latex beds compared to other foam beds derived from synthetic materials. But before you find where to buy natural latex mattresses, let’s see what makes this mattress type doctor-approved:



People who suffer from allergies or experience sensitivities will benefit from a latex mattress because it is hypoallergenic. Furthermore, this material is inhospitable to irritants and allergens such as dust mites, mold, and mildew. It’s even possible to find latex beds in the market with antifungal and antibacterial features. 

We spend a large portion of our lives in our beds, which means we are more exposed to potential irritants and allergens. Therefore, it’s more advantageous to use a mattress material that won’t collect dust mites or develop mold that can worsen allergies and other respiratory issues. However, please remember that there is also a latex allergy. 



Latex mattresses are sourced from rubber trees instead of chemicals, as seen in foam beds like polyurethane mattresses. This natural attribute is what makes latex foam beds healthier and more recommended by doctors. Additionally, remember that synthetic mattresses can put you at risk for exposure to toxic chemicals such as VOCs and air pollutants. 

Another reason why health care professionals recommend getting something natural like a latex bed is it won’t use toxic flame retardants that are attributed to immunotoxicity or even cancer. Most latex mattresses are also certified organic to prove that they passed the standards for safety from chemicals and toxins. And if you are sensitive to smells such as off-gassing common to memory foam beds, you’ll be pleased with a latex mattress. 



Besides using a healthy mattress free of allergens and toxins, doctors recommend a bed that will help ensure a good sleeping posture. This is only possible if the bed surface keeps your spine neutral, and the mattress won’t sag easily. Latex mattresses win in this category because it is one of the most durable beds. 

Therefore, you will stay supported for a long time and prevent body pain from poor sleeping posture. Furthermore, latex foam still offers some cushioning, so you can alleviate pressure in the heavy regions of the body. Remember that your bed must not only keep you supported but it should also be moldable enough to relieve pressure points. 


What Mattress Do Doctors Recommend For Back Pain?

Foam mattresses such as memory foam and latex beds are the most common doctor-recommended mattresses for back pain. This is because their structure is usually medium-firm, which prevents the misalignment of the spine from sinking when you lie down. Furthermore, foam beds follow the body’s natural curves, relieving stress and pressure on the back regardless of your sleeping position. 

You might benefit from reading this guide on selecting the mattress firmness for back pain. Firmness is a significant factor in ensuring that you’re getting a good bed for the back. However, you will only beat back pain if you consult your doctor to find other potential reasons behind this condition. 


Do Doctors Recommend Firm Mattresses?

Doctors can recommend a firm mattress depending on the patient’s specific condition or health issues. But in general, health care practitioners and sleep specialists advocate medium-firm beds over something too stiff or soft. This is because most people will feel the best support and pressure relief from medium-firm beds. 

If your mattress is too soft, you will notice stiffness and aches because you don’t get enough support to align the body. On the contrary, sleeping on a very firm bed will keep your muscles tense because there is no cushioning to relieve pressure on the heavy regions of your body. Here are some tips for finding the best mattress firmness to know more. 


What Mattress Do Hospitals Use?

The most common mattress type in hospitals is an innerspring bed that is highly adaptable, especially for patients who spend an extended period in the hospital. But for patients who need to be in bed for an even longer time, hospitals have foam mattresses designed to prevent bed sores. Those who already develop bed sores or ulcers can also use special medical air mattresses with air cells that deflate or inflate accordingly to soothe the discomfort. 

What about bedridden patients? Hospitals use lateral rotation beds to help with changing his/her sleeping side. This will prevent pressure sores and other issues since the patient can’t move on the mattress. 



And that’s it! To recap what mattress do doctors recommend, it would be a natural latex bed. This mattress is hypoallergenic and non-toxic so that it won’t cause any health issues. 

Furthermore, latex foam will be durable enough to keep you well-supported for an extended period. We hope this article helps, but remember always to consult your doctor if you have other concerns. We have also written the best chiropractor-recommended mattresses if you’re interested.


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