How To Change A Dryer Door Direction? 6 Easy Steps!

Are you thinking about how to change a dryer door direction? Well, you can completely reverse the direction of your dryer door to the opposite side by simply shifting the handle and hinges. Many people don’t ever consider the orientation of their dryer door.  But it’s imperative to have a perfect dryer door direction. 

Whenever your dryer turns in an “incorrect” way, it impacts the clothing each moment you operate it. This will usually be defined by the position of the dryer and washer with one another. Using top-load washing machines, you always need your dryer door to open outward from your device.

how to change a dryer door direction

Below we have mentioned all the methods step by step that helps you in changing a dryer door direction. So if you are interested in this article and want to learn more, continue reading it further. Let’s have a deep look at how you can change a dryer door direction!


Steps To Change A Dryer Door Direction

Changing a dryer door direction is indeed a bit difficult task.  But By reading this article, you’ll understand it well. So,  stop searching more about how to change a dryer door direction? Below we have mentioned step-by-step details about it. 


Step #1. Examine and open the dryer door

To change the door direction, the first thing you have to do is unlock the dryer door with the tools and accessories. Examine the connections between the door latch and hinge closely. You’ll nearly indeed find an encased gap that mirrors the door latch responsive arrangement. 

Additional replication elements, such as identical fasteners could be visible. In just a few lines, we’ll discuss why there isn’t full replication over the outer border of the door and at the points where invisible screws are located. Inspect the socket of the door for ways to change the hinge and door latch mechanism to connect on the opposite side. Mirrored encased slots for hinge attachments and cover slots for handles will probably be seen.


Step #2. Remove the door

Loosen the nuts holding the door hinges with a dryer using the screwdriver. If necessary, put the dryer door up on a bench or request a partner to keep it open while you unscrew the door hinges. It will ensure that the nuts remain properly when you unscrew all of them, so the door does not drop over you. Push the dryer door outward by removing the last nut.

All hinges on the dryer door must pull off, giving you simply a single part having hinges connected with the entry of your dryer.  Keep the nuts in a safe place since you’ll want to see them back shortly.

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Step #3. Remove the hinges

Set the cloth just on the ground or even on the workplace area, hinge pointing up, then put the dryer door over the upper end of that as well. Now possess enough position and power to effectively eliminate the hinges from the dryer door’s previous hinged end. Take the hinge-securing nuts and place these alongside the remaining nuts in a location where you’ll be able to locate these backs shortly. It may be helpful to read about how to safely disconnect a gas dryer.


Step #4.  Screw the hinge to another side

Replace all hinges properly. Place these well with replacement bolt holes on the door handle’s opposite side. Make sure they’re facing the right way up, so they’ll attach towards the dryer, then shut whenever it’s time to use it. The hinged rod is usually oriented outside, facing its front handle. Screw the hinge fixing bolts in place and lock these down. And have no necessity to tighten excessively since the fragile steel will distort. 


Step #5. Attach the door latch

Switching the door latch components is the final step. Using the pointed wrench, unscrew the covering in the opposite direction of a present door latch. Squeeze the latch capturing function with tweezers and release it off the current hole. Next, you are also required to pull the lock function outside of position with your simple wrench. To preserve your door paintwork, cover material equipment with adhesive. 


Step #6. Turn the front panel around

This is the bit you would never have figured out: What is the procedure for flipping the handle? Since the rest of the panel turns across, you won’t notice a mirrored enclosed hole again for handles, which is typical. Locate the guard bolts all around the exterior side of the dryer door. 

Pull all nuts, then place these somewhere safe. Both inlet and outlet panels of the machine door must separate. To make a point of the handle oppositely, reverse the panel, the front panel housing the handle. Now, after changing the direction of the handle, the order of the door is also reversed. Now replace all the screws tightly after that. 


It’s A Wrap!

We were hoping that reading this article is just fun for you, and after reading it, you all will come to know how to change a dryer door direction. After reading these steps as mentioned above, you will be able to change your dryer door direction by yourself. Thank you, friends, for being with us! 

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