Why Is My Dryer Leaving Black Marks On My Clothes? 4 Interesting Reasons!

Are you wondering why is my dryer leaving black marks on my clothes? A bad glider, cracked baffle, worn rollers, dryer drum seal, overheating the dryer, and a broken drum seal are the leading causes of black marks on your clothes after drying.

Whenever you take off your clothes from dry, you always wish that your clothes look clean and not be damaged. It’s a great thing if you find that after taking out the load from the washer and putting it into the dryer and after taking them from the dryer, your clothes are free from any black mark. 

why is my dryer leaving black marks on my clothes

But if this did not happen, and you noticed black marks on your cloth, it means some parts of the dry may be burnt due to which this issue occurs. Below, we have discussed the cause of this issue and the remedy to fix them. Let’s have a deep look at it!


Why Is Your Dryer Leaving Black Marks On My Clothes?

Are you tired of removing the black stains from your clothes that are produced by a dryer? Well, don’t panic. In this paragraph, you’ll learn why is my dryer leaving black marks on my clothes. Below we have mentioned a few suggestions to help you file this problem. Let’s begin!


#1. Baffle is cracked

Do you know what a baffle is? It is a plastic or metal partition that sits just on a dryer drum’s side. Usually, dryers include two baffles to prevent clothing from falling apart when you start a spin cycle.  It’s conceivable that the baffle may fracture or shatter, even if it’s typically strong.

A weld bead could grab a piece of fabric if this happens. Warm air may blast straight just on the garment based on the location it has been hanging up, leaving the black burnt scars mostly on your favorite shirt. There are mostly two baffles in the dryer. Examine both of them for damage and, if necessary, consider replacing them.


#2. Damaged rollers

Your dryer drum revolves uniformly during the cycle because of the dryer wheels. These wheels move the drum due to which your clothes dry. Sometimes, because of the extensive use of the dryer, its wheels break, the drum may lean downward gradually, usually toward the bottom, creating a space. 

Despite its modest size, the space can be somewhat ample, sufficient until garments become caught when turning inside the dryer drum. When clothes fall further into the hole, they may develop black or dark brown stains or get crumpled due to the bend. Look for evidence of damage on the roller. To thoroughly seal any space which has occurred, replace the existing pair of rollers. 


#3. Damaged or bad gliders

One of the most common reasons for black stains on clothes is bad gliders when you take them off from a dryer.  Gliders of dryer seem to be the protective coverings made of plastic or nylon that run along the drum’s outer side. They keep the metal drum to avoid scraping along with the container as it rotates. 

Because of the regular use of the dryer, the gliders are going to become damaged or burnt, resulting in a void towards the back of the dryer drum. Clothing may become entangled in the gap based on how much a glider has degraded. It may be destroyed, both ripped or marked if this occurs. Double-check these gliders for flaws and replace them if necessary.

If the dryer vent is clogged or blocked, it also causes black stains on your clothing. Because the lint trapped if stopped the circulation of air. The dryer vent removes dampness from the dryer, and that most of the warm air includes microscopic lint particles from the clothes. 


#4. Clogged dryer vent

Lint may build up within the vent after a duration and obstruct it. Heat might pile up within the dryer drum as a result of this. Items and equipment within the dryer might be harmed by the heating if there isn’t enough air ventilation. Lint accumulation can potentially provide a risk of fire.

To avoid any clogs, inspect and clear the vents. Keep in mind the ducting never be folded or kinked, as this will obstruct the air passage. Thus, due to a blocked dryer vent, black marks produce on your laundry. But by replacing the vent with a new one or cleaning it properly, you can fix this issue. Well, all the suggestions mentioned earlier will help you fix this issue. So, don’t worry. The best idea to get rid of this issue is to clean your dryer after completing the drying process. You may also want to read how do I fix my LG dryer that won’t heat and how to get the crayons out of the dryer.


It’s A Wrap!

We were hoping that reading this article would be fun for you. And after reading this article, you stop searching more about why is my dryer leaving black marks on my clothes. The reasons which are discussed above make your clothes spotty. But by reading the solution of all these causes you can get fresh, cleaned clothes from your dryer every time. Thank you, friends, for being in touch with us! It may be helpful to read about how to remove fabric softener stains from clothes.

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