How To Cancel Hawx Pest Control: 2 Reliable Options For You

Read this article on hawx pest control before signing up for a pest control plan. This way, you won’t ask “how to cancel hawx pest control” after getting it.


how to cancel hawx pest control

History Of Hawx Pest Control Company 

Hawx Services of Ogden, Utah, has partnered with private equity firm PCM Growth. In March, the transaction closed with LR Tullius, serving as Hawx’s exclusive financial advisor. 

Gleave, the Hawx management team, led by Matt Mer, Scott Wilson, and J.K., remains with the company and holds significant shares. Terms were not disclosed. 

PCM Growth was founded and led by Mike Paulus, a financial investor with successful startups including Assurance I.Q., a Seattle, Washington-based technology company founded in 2016 and sold to Prudential Financial in 2019.

Hawx was founded in 2013 by President Matt Mehr and CEO Scott Wilson with one office in Utah and has since grown to 16 outlets around the United States. The firm serves nearly entirely residential customers, offering general pest, termite, and other pest control services. 

Hawx is a technologically advanced corporation whose expansion has been aided through door-to-door sales. 


Plans And Services Of Hawx Pest Control

Hawx provides several plans and services to select from — whether you require a pest control service to prevent different pests such as bed bugs, termites, or a complete pest control solution. 


1. Home service plan 

The Home Service Plan is the company’s ongoing regular pest control plan, and it is available with a choice of quarterly pest offers. With the quarterly plan, you will visit your pest control specialist four times every year, plus one extra preliminary carrier during the plan’s first year. 

With the bi-monthly plan, the pest control expert will come out seven times in the first year and six times in the subsequent year once every month. Ants, Bees, Hornets, Spiders, Cockroaches, Ticks, and Wasps are the pests covered in the home service plan. 


2. Service for termite control

Termite treatments are also available from Hawx Pest Control. Once the extent of the infestation is confirmed, the pest control expert will advise you on the best strategy for eliminating the termites. 

The Advanced Termite Bait System is the most often used approach by Hawx. A pest expert installs and monitors many bait traps in all target spaces, disrupting and killing the whole termite.

Depending on the demands of your property, Hawx can also employ additional treatments to get rid of termites, such as foaming and spraying applications. 


3. Mosquito control plan

The Mosquito Abatement Plan from Hawx Pest Control includes monthly treatments during peak season, free re-services when needed, specialty treatments for mosquito nests and larvae, and a satisfaction guarantee.

Each professional creates a strategy based on your property, identifying and treating mosquito breeding places in your yard as well as recognizing nests in your lawn, shrubs, and trees.


4. Other services

Hawx provides specific treatment for bedbugs, ants, and bed bugs, although such remedies may be more expensive. Communicate with the specialist about treatments advised for your circumstance over the phone or during the initial inspection.

After the professionals have finished their work, you need to wait and stay outside your home. Read the article about why stay out of house after pest control to know more. 


Hawx Pest Control Cost

Prices for Hawx Pest Control might vary based on your requirements. While essential pest control services may usually be provided over the phone, specific pest control services like bed bugs and termite treatments need an inspection.

Although Hawx does not provide price information on its website, you must contact a local location for a free estimate. However, if you sign a recurrent contract, it guarantees free services. 

This implies that you will receive complimentary services if the pests reappear between planned visits. Hawx’s appraisal might vary depending on the location, the nature of your infestation, and the size of the property.

However, you may read this article on how often should pest control be done to help you save and manage your money for the expenses while also being a more hands-on homeowner.


Cancelling Hawx Pest Control

Here are some ways for you to try when canceling Hawx Pest Control’s services:


1. Phone number

When you visit their website, Hawx Pest Control has multiple contact details for each state they provide their services in. If you have a more generalized concern, you can use their main number, which is 855-908-0610.


2. Web customer service

This is a long shot, but it’s still worth a try. When you go to their website, simply click on the “Contact Us” tab and it will directly take you to a section where you can fill out a form.

This form is to provide a “free estimate” for their prospective clients, but you can try to fill it out and find if there is any additional information you may use to contact them directly.



Hawx Pest Control is one of the industry’s most competent pest control companies. The company is well-versed in most major pest control treatments, and its additional re-treatment services provide consumers with peace of mind.

If you have already subscribed to Hawx’s service plan and want to know how to cancel hawx pest control, contact them for assistance as soon as you can.

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  1. No kidding have been trying to cancel for months! They always have a reason why I can’t, trying again today. Next step better business bureau!

  2. Haven’t seen a tech in 5 months and they say that a “contract specialist” has to call me to cancel, but they never call. No idea how this is a recommended company. Horrible. Stay away!!!!

  3. Worst company every they scam me by lying then contract had nothing on it where I was told verbal of what I would be charged told me I would be charged quarterly but then started charging monthly why should I pay for service I’m not getting monthly just got the nasty service in June trying to cancel because I was told different than contract tell you stuff word of mouth then email you later with a whole different contract you shouldn’t have to sign anything til you see it

  4. I want to cancel my Hawx pest control. Now. Not good service at all. More roaches are coming in now and mice are still running around

  5. Yeah, I’m a veteran and talked a sweet deal to sign up. My wife like, let’s try it. They have come twice in 5 months, second visit I had to call to request. They never treated problem, drain flies. I called to cancel, they said $199 to cancel, oh and I’m been being charged full price rate for whole time. I am contacting my advocate lawyers for advice, I wouldn’t get a contract with them if it was free!

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