How To Calculate Yardage For Curtains? Read This!

Do you want to know how to calculate yardage for curtains?

Well, then we can answer this question for you.

how to calculate yardage for curtains

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Calculating your yardage for your curtains is indeed essential.

However, we hope you do know what yardage means.

It can help you upon buying curtains and choosing them. You cannot just purchase curtains because you need to.

You have to consider a lot of things before you can decide to purchase one.

And your curtain’s yardage is one of the most important things you have to consider.

It is better to purchase something that you know about than to stay clueless.


Ways To Calculate Yardage For Curtains

Yardage is significant for curtains. It is your way of measuring the curtains to help you out.

There are basic measurements as to how much your curtain yardage should be.

We will help you out since this is not that easy to deal with when you are alone.

We got your back.

Upon the yardage of your curtains, there will be two options and situations where yardage is measured.

So, how to calculate yardage for curtains?


Situation #1. Width panels (standard)

The first one is that when you have standard width panels. They are those considered single panels.

Not too wide nor too small for your curtains. You can then have standard yardage for it.

For these panels, you will need a different amount based on the design and style you prefer.

We will help you out with measuring, and we’ll give you tips on how to solve the yardage of your curtains.

As for your standard panels, you will add the desired length of your curtains to 16 and then divide it by 3.

For example, the height is about 100″ + 16 = 116. You divide this by three is 38.6, which, when rounded up, is about 4 yards.

That will stand as a basis then, 4 yards for the curtain’s side and 8 yards for both sides of your curtains.

But when you are purchasing fabric, maybe you can have at least 1 – 2 yards for allowance to make sure.

You always need a backup to avoid messing up.


Situation #2. Width panels (Double)

Right from the name itself, you must have an idea about it. It is double-sized with panels.

The process of getting its yards is far different from the first one. First, you will need at least two widths.

And that is for both materials per panel. So get the yardage required, like how you got the first one.

You will repeat the same process earlier, but as you have reached the part where you already got the yard, you can proceed.

After the yardage, you will need to multiply it by two because it is for double panels.

Like in our example, you have 4 yards, now you will multiply it by two, and you are all good.

4 * 2 = 8, which only applies to one panel, which indicates that you will need about 16 yards for both panels.

It is up to you to choose wisely both indicate the same process only that the other one is made for double.

When you are interested, you can use these two as the basis. Either of the standard and double can work wonderfully for you.


Where Can I Buy Curtains?

You must be asking where you can buy curtains at this time, primarily that you have known the yardage that you need.

Curtains are different in styles, colors, and purposes but then it is widely available nationwide.

You can shop with your locals, and you can then check out some sites online.

But, of course, it would help if you were very careful.

As for buying online, you will need to know how to check and read reviews properly.

That’s to ensure that you won’t get scammed and your curtains are in good condition.

Sometimes you can also get the wrong color items, so be careful when choosing your company to trust.

Upon buying in local stores, you might not be very comfortable because there is still a pandemic.

The problem is that you are not sure how safe the people you get to come in contact with, although it is best because you can check out the items and their qualities before you pay for them.

It would help if you always made sure that your curtains are lovely and complement your room beautifully.

And you won’t need to wait for the shipment because it is already right in front of you.



And we are now done with our article. All you have to do is take note of everything and apply it.

Good thing we have answered, how to calculate yardage for curtains.

You can now stand confident with the knowledge, and you can pick what is suitable for your curtains.