How Close To The Floor Should Curtains Hang? 3 Interesting Facts!

Do you want to know how close to the floor should curtains hang?

Curtains add shade and colors to our home.

how close to the floor should curtains hang

By shade, I mean because it blocks the sunlight from getting in.

And adds colors in a way that you can buy them in a wide range of colors and shades.

It is up to you to choose which one would look better and cute inside your house, considering the color combinations.

As much as possible, you should make sure that it hangs perfectly and well balanced.

You should make sure that it is not too long or too short or else it will look odd and ugly.

Be sure that you can check the details of your curtains before you plan on buying one.

You must be sure of the things you are doing.


How Close To The Floor Should Your Curtains Hang?

In buying curtains, an essential factor that you have to consider is the length so that it won’t be too long.

If you have no idea about it, we will be giving you later on some essential things you should know.

This one is must-know information, so stay with us and know more than what is intended for you.

A curtain hanging on your windows can be any length you want, and the wideness is also up to you.

But then you must hang your curtains, leaving at least half an inch of space from the floor.

Your curtain will look ugly if it directly touches the floor, so better settle for that half-inch spacing.

There are reasons why you should be hanging your curtains at this height.

So, how close to the floor should curtains hang?

We will enumerate them.


Reason #1. It will not get dirty

The very first reason that we think is valid is that the curtain will not get dirty as much as possible.

Imagine if your curtain touches the floor directly, it will get dirty by feet stepping on it.

Most of the problem is that it will catch the dirt on the floor, and you can absorb the spills on floors easily.

Cleanliness is hard to keep up, so you better avoid one problem before it turns into more and more problems.

Curtains are pretty, and they must be held and taken care of nicely.


Reason #2. Aesthetics

Your curtain should look good and proportioned.

To provide pleasing aesthetics, you must have a good balance.

Putting a space from your curtain can help you out with this.

It will make it look subtle and nice.

Curtains are made to look good and bring the best out of your rooms; it is not a carpet that should lay on the floor.

It is more pleasing to the eyes if it is a bit higher than the floor area.

Imagine it so that you would know.

A curtain should be hanged, which is why it looks better when hanged than when it touches the floor.


Reason #3. Availability: Where can I buy curtains?

Interested in installing or changing your curtains, then find a good one on stores available nationwide.

When we say nationwide, that does not mean that you have to travel to get your curtains.

You can still purchase from any country across the globe by just tapping on your phone.

We believe that you are familiar with the online world. It is one of the most straightforward test modes to get access to items sold far from you.

By buying online, you can choose from whatever company business or even any place you would want.

You can still guarantee the quality of the products you wish to order by checking the reviews and starts.

Start ratings are here to be an honest opinion for future buyers. Five is considered as the highest.

When a product contains a 5-star rating, it is good and delivered in good condition.

Although on the other hand, if you do have trust issues, you are to buy locally.

Upon saying that, you can buy or purchase your items in stores found in your localities.

That is more convenient in a way, but the choices and options you have are limited.

You can only choose your curtains as to what is available, but the good thing about this is you get to see it up close.

Unlike buying online, the item will be in contact with you.

You can then look at it if it is a good investment.

Curtains should be good-looking and high quality at the same time.

So buying it in physical stores is an assurance.

Although the colors and designs will be limited for you, and that you do not have the freedom to choose a lot.

It is up to you if what is more important.

For example, how well does it look, or how long will it last?



After such a lengthy discussion, we are now down to the last part of our article.

We hope that you learned a lot.

With that, we have answered, how close to the floor should curtains hang.

Thank you for trusting us.

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