How To Hang Curtains In An Apartment With Blinds? 3 Easy Steps!

Do you want to know how to hang curtains in an apartment with blinds?

Even when your apartment is not permanent, you will do everything to make it look good.

how to hang curtains in an apartment with blinds

You can do that by adding curtains along with the windows with or without blinds.

Just in case you have blinds on your windows, you can still add curtains to it in so many ways.

Blinds are built-in and complicated to remove if you are not an expert in this field, so better add curtains on top of it.

That is just a clue of steps on how you hang curtains in your apartment with blinds.

We will help you find answers to your questions, so stay with us until the end of this article.


Steps To Hang Curtains In An Apartment With Blinds

Curtains are necessary to have in one’s home as for you.

Your apartment is your home.

Have you seen windows with blinds and curtains?

If you haven’t, then we will help you imagine that one.

We will be helping figure out how to hang curtains in an apartment with blinds.

These steps are made to help you out and guide you as you try to do it independently.

Make sure to be very careful in applying these and do not miss any of them so that you’ll have a good outcome.


Step #1. Choose a way of installing

Installing your curtains is possible depending on your preference. And there are lots of ways to do so.

If you want easier access to your curtains, you definitely can use Velcro tapes to attach them.

You should insert this one on your inner side of the cornice, one that covers your blinds.

By that, attach Velcro to the cornice.

Do it on the side opposite it but still in the exterior part of your curtains.

You should make sure that the Velcro tapes are compatible with the type of curtain you have.

Sheer curtains need thin type Velcro tapes, while heavy curtains need thicker ones.

As for the other option, you can hang curtains by installing brackets on your cornice right in front of your blinds.

If you may buy a set consisting of a bracket and a rod, that’s better so that both matches.

You will then install the bracket to make sure that it holds nicely in the area we mentioned earlier.

That is to provide a good grip on your curtains no matter how heavy the material is.


Step #2. Measure the window

You should know how to measure your curtains because that is necessary.

That will relate to the next step.

Do you have any idea of how to measure your windows for curtains? Well, that’s easy.

You can have this as a guide so that you can measure your windows rightly.

That is essential.

First, you have to find a measuring tool that has not less than 10 feet long. It will help you out on big windows.

And then, you can start measuring the window’s height from the top of the area where you installed the bracket.

Do that until the height you preferred for your curtains to be.

That should look good and nice.

Remember to leave out extra above and under the height of your window to make sure that it has overhangs.

As for the width, measure it from side to side, still considering where your bracket is located.

Double the measurements for the width and make sure that it is correct and balanced.


Step #3. Choose a curtain

The last thing you have to do is pick a curtain that would match your apartment’s theme and color scheme.

There are lots options to choose from, but the decision is still up to your preference.

You can choose either light or darker coverage.

It should depend on your personality.

You can use a sheer curtain for light ones, and of course, that would give a little bit of coverage.

But then, if you want to have a dark coverage curtain, especially when you are a night person.

That will ensure that you have a dark apartment with more minor or no light entering the area.


Where Can I Buy Curtains?

When you are planning to buy your curtain, you can have it in two possible options.

You can buy it online, with this you can have a lot of options as to where you can buy your curtains.

But then you will still need to wait for some time before it arrives.

You can still review and find reasonable offers.

Another is to buy it in physical stores near you so that you will have access to it in an instant.

That will make sure that you can check the quality of your items.



And we are now done with our article.

We hope that you have ideas retained in your mind.

Good thing we answered, how to hang curtains in an apartment with blinds.

We are hoping for good results when we try doing these.