How To Build A Wedding Canopy

We will teach you how to build a wedding canopy from PVC pipes. But to ensure that you’ll be making a canopy suitable for the specific wedding you’re having, we’ll share easy decorating ideas for different types of weddings. 

We will also help you attach a canopy to a Chuppah. And if you haven’t prepared it yet, why not read how to build a wedding altar

how to build a wedding canopy


DIY Canopies For Different Weddings: How To Build A Wedding Canopy

  1. Prepare and cut four PVC pipes for a basic wedding canopy; determine where you will put it, but usually, they should be at least 7 feet long if the couple will get married under it 
  2. Paint the pipes to suit the wedding venue theme and allow them to dry
  3. For the base of your basic DIY wedding canopy, you will also prepare four pots filled with sand; these pots should be high and big enough relative to the height of your PVC pipes
  4. Press one pipe on each pot in the center, ensuring that it won’t move; manipulate the sand as needed and add more sand until the pipe is secured 
  5. Cover the base of the pipe with moss or any material that suits the wedding theme
  6. Decorate the pipe with floral garlands or lights, depending on the setup you want for the wedding canopy 
  7. At the wedding venue, spread the fabric or your chosen material over the top of the PVC pipes that you arranged to create the canopy base
  8. Mark the spot where the material will land at the top of each pipe and cut it into a slit
  9. Slip a doorknob on each slit, so that you can press it later into the hole of the PVC pipe
  10. Decorate as needed and use this basic wedding canopy as the base for the following types of weddings 


Traditional wedding 

If you’re having a traditional indoor wedding or formal reception, you must be mindful of the venue or type of wedding rules. For example, if you’re replacing a wedding altar with a canopy, be aware of the size it should have to cover that area in the wedding ceremony. 

You can never go wrong with putting white floral arrangements at the top of the wedding canopy. However, if you want to add color, greenery can also be wrapped around the base. 


Classic ceremony 

After you learn how to build a basic DIY wedding canopy made from PVC pipes, decide where you’ll put it at the wedding. Determine what vibe you’re creating to know what decors suit the canopy. 

You can turn the canopy into a wedding tent for a classic and romantic wedding. Drape fabrics like tulle and silk to add texture and movement to this wedding backdrop and cover the back with hanging floral strands for a classy touch. 


Outdoor wedding 

If you have an outdoor wedding, then your DIY wedding canopy should withstand potential elements in the venue. You can also use the venue as inspiration on what materials to add to the basic PVC canopy we discussed earlier. 

For example, you can use native plants around the venue over the canopy. Beaded strands or curtains can be added to the back panel if it’s an outdoor boho wedding. 


Beach wedding 

Instead of a wedding arch, why not build a wedding canopy or tent for your “altar” on your beach wedding? But, of course, be realistic in setting up the canopy for your convenience. 

Consider replacing the PVC pipes with bamboo and be generous with fabric draping as the wind on the beach blows through it. You can also use different colors of floral arrangements to add interest to the usual neutral-colored beach wedding theme.

But if you prefer an arbor, please read how to make a wedding arch stand up to keep it stable. 


Evening wedding 

You can consider making an aisle canopy or covering the guests with the canopy if it’s an intimate evening wedding. Like making a tent, experiment with string lights or lanterns on the ceiling of the DIY tent or the side panels instead of fabric backdrops. 

You can also set canopies above each table for a romantic feel at the evening wedding. Keep in mind that the color of your lights can set the mood at the venue. 



The canopies you can make are not limited to the wedding ceremony. You can also use them at the reception entrance, over the head table, or over the cake table. 

Keep these places in mind when measuring how high your canopy should be. You can even decorate the ceiling of the DIY wedding tent with designer panels. 


How Do You Attach A Canopy To A Chuppah?

The Chuppah refers to the wedding canopy in a Jewish ceremony. Make sure to fasten the canopy or cloth at the top of the four poles instead of their sides. 

Use ties, loops, or hole reinforcements to secure the fabric on the poles. 



And that’s it! You just learned how to build a wedding canopy using PVC pipes with pots as a base.

Like a wedding tent, you can drape fabric over it or use string lights and floral strands on panels. Just remember to consider where you’ll put the canopy, whether on the altar, entrance, or other areas in the venue. 

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