How To Build A Queen Size Loft Bed? 3 Easy Steps!

How to build a queen size loft bed? You will need certain materials like wood and a plan to make this thing.

When we were planning to buy a house, I wanted to design the rooms by myself.

How to build a queen size loft bed

I don’t want to hire an interior designer to do the organizing.

I want to make my home personalized if you know what I mean.

Besides having to decide which furniture should go with what room.

With a new room empty, you may notice that various ideas come popping into your mind.

Especially with the way your kid’s room would look like.

Well, it’s not exactly for my kid but my little brother’s room.

You see, he is quite the adventurous type so I search the net for some bedroom ideas that would go well with his attitude and interests.

While I was scrolling the net, I have found out the perfect bed for him. That is the loft bed.


Loft Bed

Some of you may be wondering what a loft bed is.

Loft beds are a way to save space especially if you want to have a play and a sleeping bed at the same time.

Think of it just like bunk beds. These beds are raised so that the bed is located above.

The space under the bed could be used with many options. You can visit a furniture store or see one online.


Steps To Build A Queen Size Loft Bed

If you want to make a loft bed, you must decide what size you should make.

If you decide on a bigger bed, a queen-size should be enough.

So here is a step-by-step guide on how to build a queen size loft bed.


Step #1. Plan

Before making any move, you have to create a plan first.

This includes the size, the materials, and the style.



Decide on a height that you’re okay with. You have 3 options; high, mid, and low.


#1. Low

A low loft bed is suitable for kids and those rooms with low ceilings.

Space underneath is often used as a storage space or a cabinet.

This loft bed height is perfect for a kiddie bedroom.

It is usually measured at 4.2 ft. vertically.


#2. Mid

If you want to go a little higher, the mid-height loft bed might be better for you.

It is higher than the loft bed by 1”.

A lower bed might go well with this one. A ceiling of at least 8ft tall should fit this height.


#3. High

A high loft bed should be appropriate for adults and especially perfect for rooms with higher ceilings.

Typically a high loft bed measures 6.2 feet tall.

You can place a desk, chair, or couch underneath the bed.


Step #2. Purchase

The next step is to purchase the necessary materials for the building.

Of course, here is the list of what you’re going to need.

  • Power tools
  • Wood
  • Paint
  • Plan/template
  • Toolbox with complete carpentry tools

You can already find some of these materials in your home.

Well, you might still need to purchase some of it outside though.


Step #3. Build

Next is the actual building process.

You will have to make a rectangular bed frame and its elevation with the ladder for it.



You will have to cut the wood first. You’ll need a saw, pencil, and measuring tape to do this.

Mark the wood necessary for the bed frame. A queen-size bed usually has 54″ x 75″ dimensions.

Cut pieces of wood slabs according to these sizes:

  • 2 pieces of 39” x 2” x 6” wood for the back and front support
  • 2 pieces of 72” x 2” x 6” wood for the side supports
  • 8 pieces of 2” x 6” wood for the legs
  • 1 piece of 39” and 1/2 2” x 4” wood
  • 1 piece of 74” and 1/2 2” x 4” wood
  • 4 pieces of 42” and 1/2 2” x 4” wood
  • Plywood with a 39″ x 72″ dimension



We will be using a 1/8″ drill bit and some screwdrivers.

Drill some holes where the woods would meet.

Move ¼ allowance when drilling the hole lined up wood.

Drill then screw the boards to keep them lined up.

Do the same with the other boards.

Set up the legs in the room where you want the bed to be placed.


#1. Legs

Install the side supports. Set up the leg supports for each of the edges. Be patient in this step.

With the two legs laid down, measure up from the lower part 54”.

Put a 39 1/2″ 2×6 within the legs arranging the lower part of the 2×6 with the lines.

Ensure everything is arranged and squared and afterward drill the pilot openings and drill in the 2 1/2” screws.

We put in 2 more screws in any way if you prefer it to be tighter and more secure.


#2. Bed frame

Drill two 3/8” openings in each finish of each board so it goes through the legs.

Slid in the screws then put the washers in and put the nuts in.


#3. Back support

Presently we need to put a few backings at the base to downplay the shaking.

Measure up from the last 17 crawls within the legs on the contrary side of the side you need the stepping stool.

Put another 39 1/2” piece agreed with the 17” mark so it is agreed with the highest point of the 2×4.

Presently measure 17” up on the long side with the tall legs and put the 74” piece in with a couple of screws.


#4. Ladder

Next is to introduce the stepping stairs.

Measure up from the base in 17” stretches.

These will agree with the highest point of the rungs.

Line up the sheets and pilot the openings and drill them.

You can meddle with these plans in any way you need.

We put the stepping stool to the side for one of them that we made.


#5. Bed

To complete, you should simply put the piece of pressed wood over the backings and afterward put the sleeping cushion in over that.



You now have an idea of how to build a queen size loft bed.

Make use of this new knowledge to decide whether to make your loft bed or buy one.

Nevertheless, I think this is a great idea for entertainment, comfort, and space-saving.

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