How To Stop A Metal Bed From Squeaking? 6 Easy Steps!

How to stop a metal bed from squeaking? Well, you have to find the cause first before you can solve the squeaky problem.

You’re with your special someone inside your bedroom. The room and the atmosphere were set.

How to stop a metal bed from squeaking

You were about to kiss as you lean towards the bed then a squeaky sound suddenly ruins the mood.

That is a squeaky problem. As little as it is, that squeaky problem could ruin a great moment.

As time passes by, your bed may get seemingly annoying.

It could also ruin a good night’s sleep with every toss and turn on your bed.

So, how will you handle it? Here are some things you can do about it.

Let’s solve that squeaky problem of yours.


Steps To Stop A Metal Bed From Squeaking

As much as everyone deserves a good night’s sleep especially after an exhausting day after work.

The squeaky sound which your bed makes could ruin that well-deserved rest.

How to stop a metal squeaky bed? You can fix it by following these simple steps.


Step #1. Disassemble

So, how to stop a metal bed from squeaking?

Before solving any problem, find the root of all your miseries first.

I didn’t mean your problem with the relationship but find where the squeaky sound comes from.

To do this, you will have to disassemble the bed components including the hardware first.


Step #2. Check and find the cause

To solve the problem find which of the following bed components gives off the squeaky sound.

Depending on the bed component, the method of fixing it will greatly vary.



Since you have disassembled the bed parts, let’s start with checking the mattress.

Mattresses rarely have a squeaky sound unless they are of a hybrid class.

Hybrid mattresses are a type of multilayered mattress that usually has memory foam, latex, and innerspring.

These innerspring are most likely to produce a squeaky sound especially since the mattress is getting old.

Well, they don’t age but you get what I mean.

The innerspring of this type of mattress is most likely to make a squeaky sound.

So, if you have a hybrid type of mattress, don’t hesitate to check it.

Lay it on the floor and try to put pressure on it.

You could walk on top of it or have the kids jump on it to see if there are any squeaky sounds.



Next is to check your box springs.

The box springs are usually the most common source of squeaky sound when it comes to bed components.

To test it out, lay the box springs on the floor and try walking on it to see if there are any sounds produced.

If you hear a sound from it, it must be already old and wanted to be replaced.

A wood rubbing together must’ve made the squeaky noise.

Although if you don’t hear the squeaky noise, proceed with the next component which is the bed frame.


Bed frame

If you’re done checking with the box spring, check the bed frame next.

Try adding force over the corners or the edges of the bed.

Shaking the bed a bit may also help you see if there are any sounds produced.

Shake especially the 4 corners.


Step #3. Solve it

If you already have determined the source of your problem, here are some options to fix it.



If the problem comes from the mattress, you might want to check your warranty.

Some mattress company has lifetime warranties but some don’t.

Check to see if your mattress is still within the warranty time frame or not.

If not, I hate to break it for you but you have to buy a new one already.

There are various options for getting a new mattress.

Some mattress manufacturers have a buy-back system where you can sell the mattress back to them.

Some may replace the mattress or you’ll just have to add some cash to the mattress exchange.

This is to reduce the waste emitted from disposing of old mattresses. You saved money while saving the earth as well.



If the problem comes from the box spring, I recommend buying a new one too.

You can still save it though.

Try adding some super glue to the corners that you think might be loose.

Or add some wax to the areas you think are rubbing too hard to lessen the friction.


Bed frame

You have several options for fixing the bed frame if this is where you hear your squeaky problem.


Step #4. Tighten up

Your bed frame may be made either from metal or from wood.

There may be some hardware attached to it like a loose screw or something.

Sometimes these loose screws make some hardware loose too.

Thus creating the squeaky noise.

Tighten the screws up using a screwdriver should do the trick.

Well, depending on the screws use, you might also need to use wrenches or bolts.

Adding some washers could be a great way to prevent this from happening again.

Adding washers makes the crew and bolts tighter too.


Step #5. Lubricate

It might not the loose screws that keep the noise up but the friction of being too tight.

Add some WD40 or beeswax to lubricate tight areas.

You can find these at the nearest hardware store or order them online.


Step #6. Paddings

Some bed slats may have caused this or are they the bed leg.

Adding some pads on the leg may be a temporary solution.

Some furniture pads could be a good solution.

Or try relocating your bed. Floorboards may have caused the problem.



In every problem, comes a solution.

There is always an appropriate solution on how to fix a squeaky bed.

You will get to do what you want on top of your bed without having busted by the squeaky sound anymore.

You do deserve some decent rest after all.

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